July 14, 2020

What to know when buying a disposable face mask and what level of face mask should you buy as a facility manager or contract cleaner?

With growing concerns of another outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, it is vital that Australian’s are doing everything we can, including choosing the right face mask! Whether you are a medical professional, office worker, facility or operations manager, in the hospitality industry, or you are a contract cleaner, it is important that you are practising safe infection prevention protocols. Respiratory protection by using the appropriate type of face mask is essential for healthcare, front line workers and those who work within the commercial cleaning industry. Face masks are intended to protect from airborne viruses and help stop the spread of infection. Fitted and worn correctly these face masks will filter out particles and protect the vulnerable from contamination or catching the virus. What Type Of Face Masks Are There and What does each level mean? Just like deciding what the best cleaning products are for your facility, it is important to do the same when considering what face mask is best for yourself or for your employees! So, here it is broken down for you. Level 1 Disposable Face Masks: What is a Level 1 face mask? Level 1 face masks provide low barrier protection and are for general use....
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