August 11, 2020

3 Alarming Things Contract Cleaners Must Know Before Buying A Mop for their Commercial Facility

It’s not a surprise that there are so many different mop types available on the commercial cleaning supply market. We’ll kick things off by talking about one of the most common types of mops. 1. Choosing the Right Mop With the huge selection of cleaning supplies available to consumers nowadays, finding the right equipment on hand is essential if you want to tackle any mess. It can be daunting to know which mop is going to do the job you need effectively particularly if you are a contract cleaner! Choosing the right mop is crucial to get your job done more effectively and efficiently! What is a Squeeze or Sponge Mop? A squeeze mop is what you’ll see in nearly everyone’s cleaning cabinet because it’s an entry-level, easy-to-use cleaning tool that is great for cleaning entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms. The squeeze mop has a small sponge head at the end of the handle that makes it easy to get into corners and can be replaced as required. An example of the squeeze mop is the Oates Squeeze Mop that comes with a thicker and wider sponge for higher absorbency and greater floor coverage. Benefits of a Sponge Mop: An easy wring...
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