September 30, 2020
TGA Approved Products

TGA Approved Products & Why They Matter for Contract Cleaning Companies

Whether you are choosing industrial cleaning products or eco-friendly sustainable cleaning chemicals, looking for TGA certification is another way to ensure high hygiene safety in any business or facility. As we slowly return to the ‘new normal’ and more people return to their office facilities and regular activities such as the gym, beauty services and eating out at restaurants, it is essential that health and safety be at the highest priority. Many facility managers are looking towards investing in industrial cleaning services that have TGA certified disinfectants that are used against COVID-19 as new safety measures. What is TGA? The TGA regulates therapeutic goods in Australia, they are apart of the Australian Government Department of Health. TGA regulates medicines, vitamins, medical devices, disinfectants for use against COVID-19. While there have been many products that claim to perform certain tasks such as killing COVID-19, it can be false advertising. That is why it is important to look out for the TGA approval on the products. There are some products on the market that claim to kill COVID-19 however unless it is TGA approved to kill COVID-19 it cannot be relied on. This is due to the rigorous testing that occurs for products...
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Contract Cleaners

Why Contract Cleaners & Facilities Need Floor Scrubbers

Why Contract Cleaners & Facilities Need Floor Scrubbers Sales for floor scrubbers have dramatically increased in recent years due to the innovative technology of cleaning equipment that is changing the game for not only the cleaning industry but for facility management too! Commercial contract cleaners need industrial cleaning products to provide hospital grade cleaning while COVID-19 continues to bring into question just how clean facilities are. Most industrial cleaning services include office cleaning with a high focus on touchpoints but what about the bacteria and grime that builds up on your floors? What are the benefits of a scrubber compared to a mop? Whether you are a facility manager, contract cleaner or a business owner, it is important to understand before you invest in industrial cleaning supplies what the benefits are going to be and how that will affect business. 1.   Reduce Risk of Injury: Clean floors in any work environment or facility is a basic essential for accident prevention and higher productivity. Safe Work Australia released a report ‘Slips, Trips and Falls’ that details preventable injuries caused by slippery surfaces and poorly maintained walkways. When considering the 23% of serious claims that have occurred from employees with injuries from work,...
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