October 12, 2020
Cleaning Method

Your Handy Guide To Carpet Cleaning & Spotting

Commercial contract cleaners need to ensure that no matter what facility whether it be hospitality, gym, office or any small business, it is important to choose the most versatile but powerful commercial cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals. Carpet stains and damage can be very costly to repair and replace and as a facility manager or business owner, it is important to ensure that your facility is well cared for and appealing in appearance for patrons. One of the best ways to ensure this is including commercial contract cleaning companies to do a thorough carpet clean regularly. Before you decide what carpet cleaner and dilution rate you need, it is important that you consider the carpet and fabric type which will, in turn, reveal what chemical is compatible and how to properly care for your carpet without damaging its integrity. Carpet & Fabric Types: Characteristics Burn Test Stain Resistance Chemical Compatibility Cleaning Notes Nylon Old Nylons A resilient acid dyed fibre Sealing wax odour. Dark hard bead ash Susceptible to red beverage and food stains All Cleanmax carpet care products are safe Nylon 5th & 6th Generation A resilient acid dyed fibre which releases soils easily Sealing wax odour. Dark hard...
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