October 15, 2020
Degreasers & Grime Removal

The Ultimate Guide To Degreasers & Grime Removal in Commercial Industrial Facilities.

Greasy stains can be a challenge for any commercial contract cleaner. If you are tired of trying to scrub those stains and only ruining the surfaces, then investing in industrial cleaning products such as a great industrial degreaser is a sound investment for any commercial contract cleaning service. What is Degreaser? A degreaser is typically a commercial cleaning chemical concentrate product that is effective at removing grease and grime on machinery, equipment, floors, and surfaces. Many industrial cleaning services invest in high-quality cleaning machines and chemicals to suit a variety of facilities for long term solutions to your cleaning needs. There are some degreasers that are water-based, biodegradable and chemical-free. Types of Soiling and the Impact on Degreaser Choice There are 3 different types of soiling to consider, Organic, Inorganic and Mixed Soils. Organic Soils: Derived from living material, this includes oils, grease, fats and protein. Inorganic Soils: Minerals, dirt, rust, scale and clay. Mixed Soils: Is any combination of inorganic and organic materials. It is important to ensure you know what kind of soils you are most likely to encounter in your facility, whether that be organic, inorganic or mixed. If you’re looking for a degreaser that going to...
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