January 11, 2021

COVID-19: Mandatory Face Masks, Products & Practices for Facilities to Stay Open & Prepared

Looks like Covid-19 is not yet finished with Australia however, we are more aware and prepared than ever before! With face masks now mandatory in public settings including shopping centres, public transport, indoor entertainment, places of worship, hair and beauty premises, hospitality venues and aged care facilities. Disposable and fabric masks have become available to everyone wanting to prevent further community transmission and abide by government regulations otherwise a $200 on the spot fines will apply for non-compliance. Masks Help Reduce Community Transmission and Help Keep Your Business Running: While facility managers need to be flexible and sustainable in terms of short- and long-term plans, the financial and operational impacts of the first wave of COVID-19 in Australia leaves facility managers questioning the best practices moving forward for their facilities. The first wave highlighted the importance of masks, commercial cleaning equipment and hospital-grade disinfectants, largely due to the way in which COVID-19 spreads through the community. One way that COVID-19 spreads is through coughs, sneezes and even speaking close together. A person affected with COVID-19 can be: Asymptomatic Pre symptomatic Minimally symptomatic Although it is important to note that proper hand hygiene, physical distancing and: Avoiding crowds Washing your hands...
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