March 31, 2021

The rubiX: The First System to Dispense Organic and Natural Concentrates

Introducing the RubiX: The first system to dispense organic and natural concentrates. This dispensing system is like no other! The Rubix has been proven to save facilities time and money by removing solution wastage from cleaning sites like schools, universities, shopping centres, aged care facilities, hospitals and more. The Rubix is incredibly functional and efficient by being able to dispense up to four different concentrated solutions at the touch of a button! The Rubix is compatible with the Enviroplus 2.5L X-range organic concentrate range. This includes: e-Washroom X e-Z-Kleen X e-Guard X e-Surface X e-Power X Experience organically powered deep cleaning with the Enviroplus x-range dispensed with the Rubix. Why Choose Enviroplus X-Range Concentrates? The Enviroplus x-range solutions are the most powerful organic GECA certified concentrates on the market. The x-range will assist by improving your cleaning performance and your facilities green star rating. These products are harmless for the environment and safer for cleaners. Rubix Features: Removes solution waste from your facility saving money and time. Dispenses 4 environmentally friendly solutions at the touch of a button. Two flow rate options for bottles, buckets & auto scrubbers Easy and quick selection colour coded system to identify correct concentrate. The...
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