April 20, 2021

Abco Products launches its first backpack vacuum cleaner, the stormpac, in the Australian marketplace

A national powerhouse of cleaning products and machinery; Abco Products has launched their very new backpack vacuum cleaner, the Stormpac, into the Australian marketplace. The Stormpac Backpack is a powerful and robust commercial backpack vacuum made for cleaning professionals! The Stormpac changes the game for commercial cleaning with its versatility, industrial strength and lightweight comfortable fit! The new dry backpack vacuum is available to order on in a corded or battery-operated option.   A Few Key Features of the NEW Stormpac dry vacuum cleaner:   Industrial Strength & Compact Body: Made from blow mould, the body of the vacuum is one of the strongest materials to prevent damage due to accidental drops or being transported in various conditions.   Extremely Lightweight & Comfortable: The Stormpac is lightweight and compact giving the user the ultimate wearable comfort resulting in effortless cleaning. Adjustable for left or right-handed users with easy access to on/off switch on the waist band.   Built to Suit a Variety of Facilities: Can be used on a variety of different surfaces including carpet, hard floors, timber, vinyl, laminates, tiles, and in hard-to-reach places with restricted movement including stairs or under furniture with its stretchable hose designed for...
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How to Choose the Right Commercial Backpack Vacuum for Your Facility?

Backpack vacuums are a commercial cleaner’s bread and butter. They are relatively cheaper than industrial sized vacuums, easy to use and manoeuvre in tight spaces and are incredibly efficient. So, what should you be looking out for when buying a commercial backpack vacuum cleaner for your facility?   Wattage vs. Suction Power   A popular misconception is that a high wattage means high suction. Wattage simply means how much energy is consumed in the running of your vacuum. This does not indicate anything to do with the power or performance of your vacuum. So, what is suction and how is it an indicator of a high performing vacuum? Vacuum Suction: Is often referred to as water lift or vacuum. The higher the suction, the greater the chances your vacuum is removing dirt, dust, and unwanted particles from surfaces. Therefore, a high suction power vacuum cleaner is more effective in getting rid of dirt and grime hidden in your floors. While other low suction vacuums can remove the appearance of dust, it may not be removing as much as you would like.   Air Flow   Another key indicator of a great vacuum is the power of the airflow. This is...
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