June 16, 2021

Benefits of choosing a high quality floorcare range

Our floors go through a lot. From foot and trolley traffic to spillages and dirt, without proper care and protection for your facilities floors, these surfaces can wear down and look dull. As well as protection, a high-quality stripper and sealer deliver a high sheen floor that is an asset for any facility. One of the most important steps is choosing the right stripper and sealing solution, but then actually following the product directions to get a floor that has a beautiful long-lasting shine and is durable. Once coated with a suitable finisher, the floor in your facility will be protected from stains and damage. Benefits of a high-quality stripper and sealer: Unbeatable shine First impressions matter. And you want your floors to leave a lasting impression. For your facility to reflect your business. Stripping and sealing your floors with a high-solids formula can make your floors look brand new with a high shine. Protection of surfaces can extend the life of the floors. Commercial buildings are exposed to very high foot traffic; along with equipment such as desks and furniture being moved around, cleaners’ trolleys, equipment and general wear tear, and mess which gradually erodes the finish, shine, and...
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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Stripping and Sealing Floors

Knowing how to strip and seal a variety of surfaces is important in providing your facility with a beautiful, high shine, durable floor.  Although, there are a few common mistakes to avoid that are good for all commercial and non-commercial contractors to note. 1. Incorrect Floorcare Products Used: Make sure that you have the right range of products for the floor you intend to strip and seal. Some floors such as wood and vinyl might require a different chemical stripper than one that might be used for another floor surface. To ensure that you pick the correct floorcare product for your surface and facility, check with your supplier. Otherwise check the label and SDS for any information. 2. Poor Application: This is a very common mistake, and the cause is often a lack of knowledge or laziness. Either way, it’s crucial not to rush the job but rather make sure that you are following the requirements and instructions on your floorcare product label. Double-checking the label of your selected stripper and sealer is crucial to avoiding key mistakes as they tend to have the correct directions for use and always do a patch test just in case. 3. Wrong Tools...
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