December 1, 2021

How To Keep Your Floors Protected During The Holiday Season

As the holiday season begins, and your shopping centre floors are experiencing higher and higher foot traffic as shoppers purchase their Christmas gifts. For commercial cleaning during the holiday period, we have a few tips and suggestions: Ensure Chemical is diluted at the correct dilution rate A proper dilution ratio is important for safety and to provide a better outcome when using a chemical. Over diluting chemicals wastes product and money as well as gives you poor results. While under diluting chemicals could cause safety issues due to the high concentration of the chemical. It may mean damaging surface areas you’re working with or it may put you at risk with chemical fumes. You should always check the label of the chemical you’re using for suggested PPE (personal protection equipment), dilution ratios, and directions for use. A ratio shows you how much of the chemical to dilute with water. If you see a ratio of 1:4, this means that 1 part will be chemical and 4 parts will be water. It’s a common misunderstanding that adding more chemicals to the dilution will create a stronger mix to get a better outcome. This is false. Not only does this waste product...
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