3 Alarming Things Contract Cleaners Must Know Before Buying A Mop for their Commercial Facility

It’s not a surprise that there are so many different mop types available on the commercial cleaning supply market. We’ll kick things off by talking about one of the most common types of mops.

1. Choosing the Right Mop

With the huge selection of cleaning supplies available to consumers nowadays, finding the right equipment on hand is essential if you want to tackle any mess. It can be daunting to know which mop is going to do the job you need effectively particularly if you are a contract cleaner! Choosing the right mop is crucial to get your job done more effectively and efficiently!

    • What is a Squeeze or Sponge Mop?

      A squeeze mop is what you’ll see in nearly everyone’s cleaning cabinet because it’s an entry-level, easy-to-use cleaning tool that is great for cleaning entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms. squeeze mopThe squeeze mop has a small sponge head at the end of the handle that makes it easy to get into corners and can be replaced as required.

      • An example of the squeeze mop is the Oates Squeeze Mop that comes with a thicker and wider sponge for higher absorbency and greater floor coverage.
      • Benefits of a Sponge Mop:
        • An easy wring handle lever
        • Extra-long scour for removing stubborn marks
        • Ergonomic locking nuts allow for easier fitting and removal of sponge refill.
        • At a down to earth price point, this all-around, multi-purpose mop is ideal for most floor types such as tile, stone and hardwood.
    • What is a Flat Head Mop?

      A flat mop has a flat head that usually has a disposable or reusable pad that attaches to it. It is used for daily cleaning as it is easy to use and requires little effort to set up.

      • An example of a flat mop is the CleanMax 60cm Microfibre Mop. This mop works on most surfaces, especially if you have floors that are hardwood, laminate, marble or granite floors.cleanmmax mop
      • Benefits of a flat mop
        • This mop leaves little to no streaking and gives the floors a nice polish and a shiny finish.
        • Flat mops can help to save the environment by reducing the excess liquid that is created from the traditional wet mopping methods and no cleaning chemicals required!
        • They’re designed to maintain various areas such as small office areas and floors.


    • Spotlight on the i-Fibre: Infection Prevention with Microfibre

This microfibre mop utilises a unique technology that reduces germs by 99%. With exceptional absorbent texture makes it possible to cover large surfaces in one go and the scraper helps to quickly remove stubborn soils.I fibre

      • Benefits of the i-Fibre:
        • Faster: Cleans 50% faster than regular microfibre
        • Greener: When used in combination with our disinfecting pre-treating system, chemical and water usage are reduced up to 95%
        • Pre-Treatment System: The EPA registered disinfectant solution pack for Pre-Treating i-Fibre kills 99.9% of germs
        • Soft-Edge Technology: The wall wash frame bends 360o perfect for cleaning walls and hard to reach places
        • Trio-Split Technology: With integrated dirt channels, it can even save the dust mopping as small particles will be capture in there.

    • Cotton Head String Mops vs Dust Mops

      • What is a Cotton Head String Mop?

        A cotton head string mop is a traditional mop that has a bundle of course cotton strings attached to a pole and is great to use because of their absorbency and scrubbing power.

        • Benefits of a Cotton String Mop head:
          • Comes in a wide range of colours to prevent cross-contamination
          • Features a plastic screw type ferrule
          • Durable and highly absorbent
          • Completely machine washable head
          • Cost-effective


      • What is a Dust Mop?

        A dust mop is a specialised mop to make contract cleaners life easier. They can be used to clean floors, walls, ceilings, and light fixtures. Dust mops have a long handle, allowing you to reach corner cobwebs and dusty fans. Dust mops can be made from a number of materials including, microfiber, lambswool, and synthetics. Whether you’re dealing with trash and dust in bigger buildings such as warehouses, gyms or schools, this dust mop can handle it.

        • dust mopAn example is the Modacrylic Dust Control Mop Complete from Abco Products which has several of the features you’d expect to find on more high-end mops.
        • Benefits of a dust mop include:
          •  A heavy-duty frame and handle,
          • The modacrylic fibres attract lint & dust and actually hold on to the dust to remove it from the surface.
          • Dust mop heads can be reusable making them cost-effective and washable


2. ATP Testing to Measure Cleanliness

So how do you know if you have really mopped your floor properly? I know Kit

ATP (also known as Adenosine Triphosphate), is the energy-giving found in all living things and is a universal indicator of identifying how clean a surface is. Facility managers often use ATP systems to rapidly verify if surfaces have been cleaned properly and all the bacteria have been disinfected.

  • The I-KNOW KIT from i-team is an example of a kit to help monitor a facilities cleanliness.

3. Investing in Industrial Mopping Technology – The i-Mop!

Unlike traditional mops, the i-mop is new cleaning technology that cleans all commercial floor surfaces effortlessly quicker and leaves you with better results and a deeper clean.

  • The I-Mop is Faster than Mopping and Auto Scrubbers:
    • The i-mop comes in a range of different sizes, but each cleans 70% faster than conventional wet mopping and 30% faster than AUTO SCRUBBING! Making this product one of the most effective pieces of industrial cleaning equipment, a revolution for commercial cleaning.I mop
  • ATP Tested to be Cleaner than traditional mopping:
    • The i-mop has been ATP tested to confirm that the innovative design of the counter rotating brushes deeply scrubs floor services to provide 90% cleaner surfaces compared to standard mops that push dirt around. With more power than a floor scrubber and the user-friendly design, this product would benefit any commercial cleaning services for the hospitality industry, health care facility, health services and any facility management.
    • The i-mop also features modular HACCP colour coded accessories to prevent cross contamination in food prep and hygiene-critical areas. This makes the i-mop the perfect addition to any restaurant, hospital or business.
  • Reduces Slip and Fall Hazards!
    • While wet mopping leaves slippery floors which provide unsafe working environments of concern for any hospitality management, office or health care facility; the I-Mop leaves floors dry and safe instantly!
      With its innovative and advanced product design, cleaning solutions and liquids are extracted from floor surfaces through its suction design leaving floors dry and safe to walk on.
  • Environmentally Friendly!
    Traditional mopping uses a lot of water and is less effective than the i-mop which uses a fraction of the water and chemicals of traditional floor cleaning and therefore reduces environmental impact by 75%

When it comes to the best industrial cleaning supplies, with a range of environmentally friendly commercial cleaning chemicals, Abco Products have been supplying commercial cleaners and facility managers for over 20 years with the best products for any need and facility. Contact us today on 1800 177 399 or see more of our products here!

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