Abco Products launches its first backpack vacuum cleaner, the stormpac, in the Australian marketplace

A national powerhouse of cleaning products and machinery; Abco Products has launched their very new backpack vacuum cleaner, the Stormpac, into the Australian marketplace.

The Stormpac Backpack is a powerful and robust commercial backpack vacuum made for cleaning professionals! The Stormpac changes the game for commercial cleaning with its versatility, industrial strength and lightweight comfortable fit! The new dry backpack vacuum is available to order on in a corded or battery-operated option.


A Few Key Features of the NEW Stormpac dry vacuum cleaner:


  1. Industrial Strength & Compact Body:
  • Made from blow mould, the body of the vacuum is one of the strongest materials to prevent damage due to accidental drops or being transported in various conditions.


  1. Extremely Lightweight & Comfortable:
  • The Stormpac is lightweight and compact giving the user the ultimate wearable comfort resulting in effortless cleaning.
  • Adjustable for left or right-handed users with easy access to on/off switch on the waist band.


  1. Built to Suit a Variety of Facilities:
  • Can be used on a variety of different surfaces including carpet, hard floors, timber, vinyl, laminates, tiles, and in hard-to-reach places with restricted movement including stairs or under furniture with its stretchable hose designed for optimal control and storage.
  • Perfect for use in facilities like, schools, offices, aged cares, and more.


  1. Stage 4 HEPA Filtration:
  • HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air is a type of pleated mechanical air filter. This type of filter is considered to have one of the highest filtration rates as it can remove at least 99.9% of dust, pollen, mould, bacteria and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns.
  • The Stormpac backpack vacuum has five HEPA H13 disposable bags. This level of filtration is the equivalent of a medical grade air filtration. At this level, the air filter removes 99.95% of particles at MPPS (0.21 microns).


  1. Battery Operated Version built for Continuous Run-time:
  • The battery operated Stormpac has a 45 minutes run time and 45 minute charge time with the surevac lithium ion batteries and super charger.


  1. Super Quiet:
  • While backpack vacuums are not normally quiet to operate, the Stormpac backpack vacuum operates at just 72 decibels! With the standard vacuum at 75-90 decibels. The Stormpac Backpack Vacuum is sure to impress and is perfect for noise sensitive facilities.


  1. Large Tank Capacity:
  • The Stormpac features a huge 6L tank capacity to clean large areas without interruption. Compared with the standard 5L tank capacity of most backpack vacuums.


Stormpac Specification Comparison:


Stormpac Corded Stormpac Battery
Rated Power 1040W Rated Power 36V 2 Speed Digital Motor 210/300W
Run Time (one set of 5Ah Batteries) N/A Run Time (one set of batteries) Up to 45 minutes on 210W low setting
Charge Time N/A Charge Time Approx. 45 minutes using the surevac faster charger
Air Flow 47 L/ sec Air Flow 29 L/ sec
Filtration HEPA 4 Stage, H13 rated 99.95% efficiency Filtration HEPA 4 Stage, H13 rated 99.95% efficiency
Sound Level 72dB(A) at 1m Sound Level 67dB(A) at 1m
Tank Capacity 6 L Tank Capacity 6 L
Cable Length 18m Cable Length N/A
Weight 5.5. kg excl hose, wand and floor tool Weight 5.3kg excl hose, wand batteries and floor tool
Warranty 2 years on body and motor, 1 year on rest Warranty 2 years on body and motor. 1 year on batteries and charger
Left and Right Operator Function Yes, swivel hose connection allowing for easy left or right hand operation Left and Right hand function Yes, swivel hose connection allowing for easy left or right hand operation
ON/OFF switch location On the waistband with very easy access ON/OFF switch location On the waistband with easy access for Hi/Low speed options.


Abco Products is an Australian owned and run business of commercial cleaning supplies in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. We have been providing contract cleaners and facility manager with environmentally sustainable cleaning products, powerful industrial cleaning supplies and commercial cleaning equipment for over 20 years. For information about our commercial cleaning consumables or machinery, please call us on 1800 177 399 or email us on


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