Benefits of choosing a high quality floorcare range

Our floors go through a lot. From foot and trolley traffic to spillages and dirt, without proper care and protection for your facilities floors, these surfaces can wear down and look dull. As well as protection, a high-quality stripper and sealer deliver a high sheen floor that is an asset for any facility.

One of the most important steps is choosing the right stripper and sealing solution, but then actually following the product directions to get a floor that has a beautiful long-lasting shine and is durable. Once coated with a suitable finisher, the floor in your facility will be protected from stains and damage.

Benefits of a high-quality stripper and sealer:

Unbeatable shine

First impressions matter. And you want your floors to leave a lasting impression. For your facility to reflect your business. Stripping and sealing your floors with a high-solids formula can make your floors look brand new with a high shine.

Protection of surfaces can extend the life of the floors.

Commercial buildings are exposed to very high foot traffic; along with equipment such as desks and furniture being moved around, cleaners’ trolleys, equipment and general wear tear, and mess which gradually erodes the finish, shine, and overall look of the floor. If you do not take care of your flooring it can cause irreparable damage and loss of shine, leaving you with a costly repair or replacement job.

Easier to clean. 

The surface becomes easy to clean with soil readily washed away, the colours of the floor are enhanced and the floor will have a higher and more even shine.

Saves you time and money on manpower.

The right strip and seal process goes a long way to protecting flooring from damage, extending the life of the flooring, and making it look new again! Strip and seal also improve the maintenance and cleaning of the floor, saving you man-hours on cleaners and delivering high shine and finish with minimal cleaning.

Which Product Range Is Right for Your Needs?

If you are looking for high-performing floor strippers and sealers then look no further than Puregiene and Enviroplus. If you are focused on environmentally friendly products, then you would be looking at ecoGLOSS and ecoSTRIP strippers and sealers. If you are looking for an affordable, highly concentrated formula, you would be looking at Strikeforce Stripper and Duragloss Floor Coating.

ecoGLOSS: High-Performance Floor Coating

ecoGLOSS is a high performing seal and finish that is easy to apply and covers large areas (75m squared per litre). ecoGLOSS is fast drying and slip-resistant under the ASTM D2047 method.

  • High solids, ready to use formula.
  • Easy-to-apply levels nicely and dries to a high gloss.
  • Low odour combination seal and finish with ultra-low VOCs
  • Multi-surface, an all-purpose formula for all maintenance systems
  • Not formulated with butyl, harsh alkalis, zinc phthalates or APEO surfactants.

ecoSTRIP: Environmentally Responsible Floor Stripper

ecoSTRIP is not formulated with phosphates, butyl, or harsh alkalis. ecoSTRIP is a non-corrosive floor stripper that has high activity (over 30%) for maximum cost benefits and reduced inventory.

  • Strip’s standard, non-green finishes quickly and completely
  • Easily removes multiple coats of ecoGLOSS floor finish from any floor.
  • Leaves no alkaline residue behind, simplifying rinsing and eliminating recoat problems.
  • Dilution rate: Stripping 1:4
  • Available in 10L concentrated formula

Strikeforce: Ultra-Concentrated High Productivity Stripper

  • Aggressive dual-solvent formulation easily strips all seals and finishes on the first pass.
  • Ultra-concentrated 1:19 to 1:30 dilution provides the utmost in economy and convenience and greatly reduces inventory.
  • Powerful enough to remove multiple layers of highly burnished finishes.

Duragloss: High Gloss Floor Finish 

  • High solids formula to make it usable for ultra-high-speed applications.
  • It effectively coats hard surface floors for long-lasting protection and added durability.
  • It keeps floors resistant to scuffs and makes them look glossy even with minimal polishing.
  • It can be used on vinyl composition tile, terrazzo, concrete, quarry tile and marble floors.

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