Enviroplus Bioactive Enzyme Test



Insert the chocolate spoons in the test tubes and pour 45ml of water. Shake gently the test tubes. The capsule with the BATP is completely dissolved

After 2hrs

Within the 2 hrs the water becomes turbid: The BATP enzymes start to degrade the organic substances. We can observe the capsule dissolving into the water and causing some particles to detach

After 24 hours

Within 24 hours the organic substances start to detach from the spoon. We can observe bits of white chocolate detach and floating in the water and the level of the water decreasing

After 48hrs

Within 48hrs the organic substances are completely detached from the spoon. We can observe that the organic substances have completely detach themselves from the spoon


We can therefore conclude that the bioactive enzymes are working and biodegradable by reducing purging operations

Products with bioactive enzymes can help prevent unpleasant odours, cleans pipes, drains and septic tanks. It will also help waste water-flow and avoid the risk of sewage clogging.

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