All-In-One Extractors


Truvox Hydromist Compact HC250
14 litre all-in-one carpet extraction.

Truvox HM35

Truvox HM35
35L Capacity All-in-one Carpet Extractor – 45cm Cleaning Path.

Surevac TA50K50

Surevac TA50K50
50L Capacity Silent Wal Behind Carpet Extractor – Deep cleaning for carpets.

Surevac PRO

Surevac PRO600 Portable Carpet Extractor

50L Capacity Twin Vav Carpet Extractor, 0-600 Psi

surevac 1600

Surevac PRO1600 Portable Carpet Extractor

55L Capacity Twin Vav Carpet Extractor, 0-1600 Psi

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