Carpet Cleaning Machines For Sale

Want to find out how we can best assist you with all your carpet extracting needs?

There are many factors to consider when searching for a carpet cleaning machines. The main one being performance. You need to only buy carpet cleaning machines that can perform their job well. They should be able to not clean the carpet but also dry the carpet.

They should also be cost effective by consuming less water and electricity. Cleaning your carpet does not need to be overly expensive, instead it should be faster and more effective than traditional ways of cleaning. That why you need carpet cleaning machines that will reduce your cleaning cost and also produce great results with minimum time.

Abco provides carpet cleaning machines and carpet extractors that are cost-effective to operate while still high performers. Our carpet cleaning machines for sale are the best in the industry with innovative features that cannot be found elsewhere.

We have many years of experience providing carpet cleaning equipment solutions to many clients in Australia; some of clients include hospitals, hotels, aviation, institutions, restaurants, hospitals plus many more.  Our carpet cleaning machines for sale have been developed after thorough research has been done by our engineers to provide industry leading cleaning technology.

Features and performance

  • Our carpet cleaning machines for sale are powerful and robust and have been manufactured to deliver the cleanest wash ever
  • Our machines are also versatile and can clean many different types of carpets
  • They have a simple control panel that makes operation easier with easy to master menus
  • They are equipped with a big gallon to allow for ore water thus no need to keep on refilling the water tank
  • Long hose makes it easy to clean large areas without having to move around the room

Abco provide comprehensive after sales service and warranty to our carpet cleaning machines for sale. This is a show of confidence that we have in our machines.