GECA Certified Cleaning Concentrates with X Factor

In a world striving to become carbon neutral, the use of eco-friendly cleaning products is more important than ever. At Enviroplus, we’ve developed a range of eco-friendly cleaning products for the Australian commercial cleaning sector called X-Range. Enviroplus X-Range commercial cleaning products are made from natural and plant-derived surfactants that still pack a punch. Who should use X-Range commercial cleaning products? Enviroplus X-Range commercial cleaning products are designed for cleaning professionals, commercial cleaning operations, businesses and organisations with a keen interest in sustainability. All Enviroplus X-Range commercial cleaning products are GECA certified. What are the benefits of X-Range commercial cleaning products? Enviroplus X-Range commercial cleaning products provide a wide range of benefits. With Enviroplus X-Range products, quality and cleaning performance is assured (Enviroplus has been making eco-friendly cleaning products in Australia for many years). All Enviroplus X-Range products are non-toxic and certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) – a not for profit organisation providing “solutions for sustainable consumption and production.” Enviroplus X-Range products are colour-coded (to avoid cross-contamination between different work areas). All Enviroplus X-Range products are highly concentrated (some products have a dilution rate of up to 1:600 in certain applications). An all-in-one dispenser is available for the...
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Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Making Its Mark in Australia

Eco-friendly toilet paper is fast becoming the toilet paper of choice in Australian homes and workplaces. Eco-friendly toilet paper is not only better for the environment but better for sewerage systems too. In Australia, eco-friendly toilet paper is made from a variety of sustainable materials, including PEFC-certified wood pulp, sugarcane, hemp and bamboo. What are the benefits of eco-friendly toilet paper? There are many benefits associated with using eco-friendly or sustainable toilet paper, which explains why Australian organisations and businesses are making the switch. Genuine eco-friendly toilet paper dissolves faster in water than standard toilet paper – leading to fewer sewerage blockages and lower plumbing maintenance costs. Contrary to popular belief, eco-friendly toilet paper is cost-effective (in some cases, it’s no more expensive than standard toilet paper). Organisations and businesses that embrace the use of eco-friendly toilet paper play an important role in preserving the environment for future generations. The use of eco-friendly toilet paper enhances the “positive branding” of a business or organisation. Eco-friendly toilet paper is generally softer than recycled toilet paper (making it the preferred eco choice). Enviroplus, which is owned by Abco Products, provides two toilet paper products that are eco-friendly and highly biodegradable: EnviroPlus BioActive...
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Benefits of choosing a high quality floorcare range

Our floors go through a lot. From foot and trolley traffic to spillages and dirt, without proper care and protection for your facilities floors, these surfaces can wear down and look dull. As well as protection, a high-quality stripper and sealer deliver a high sheen floor that is an asset for any facility. One of the most important steps is choosing the right stripper and sealing solution, but then actually following the product directions to get a floor that has a beautiful long-lasting shine and is durable. Once coated with a suitable finisher, the floor in your facility will be protected from stains and damage. Benefits of a high-quality stripper and sealer: Unbeatable shine First impressions matter. And you want your floors to leave a lasting impression. For your facility to reflect your business. Stripping and sealing your floors with a high-solids formula can make your floors look brand new with a high shine. Protection of surfaces can extend the life of the floors. Commercial buildings are exposed to very high foot traffic; along with equipment such as desks and furniture being moved around, cleaners’ trolleys, equipment and general wear tear, and mess which gradually erodes the finish, shine, and...
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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Stripping and Sealing Floors

Knowing how to strip and seal a variety of surfaces is important in providing your facility with a beautiful, high shine, durable floor.  Although, there are a few common mistakes to avoid that are good for all commercial and non-commercial contractors to note. 1. Incorrect Floorcare Products Used: Make sure that you have the right range of products for the floor you intend to strip and seal. Some floors such as wood and vinyl might require a different chemical stripper than one that might be used for another floor surface. To ensure that you pick the correct floorcare product for your surface and facility, check with your supplier. Otherwise check the label and SDS for any information. 2. Poor Application: This is a very common mistake, and the cause is often a lack of knowledge or laziness. Either way, it’s crucial not to rush the job but rather make sure that you are following the requirements and instructions on your floorcare product label. Double-checking the label of your selected stripper and sealer is crucial to avoiding key mistakes as they tend to have the correct directions for use and always do a patch test just in case. 3. Wrong Tools...
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Abco Products launches its first backpack vacuum cleaner, the stormpac, in the Australian marketplace

A national powerhouse of cleaning products and machinery; Abco Products has launched their very new backpack vacuum cleaner, the Stormpac, into the Australian marketplace. The Stormpac Backpack is a powerful and robust commercial backpack vacuum made for cleaning professionals! The Stormpac changes the game for commercial cleaning with its versatility, industrial strength and lightweight comfortable fit! The new dry backpack vacuum is available to order on in a corded or battery-operated option.   A Few Key Features of the NEW Stormpac dry vacuum cleaner:   Industrial Strength & Compact Body: Made from blow mould, the body of the vacuum is one of the strongest materials to prevent damage due to accidental drops or being transported in various conditions.   Extremely Lightweight & Comfortable: The Stormpac is lightweight and compact giving the user the ultimate wearable comfort resulting in effortless cleaning. Adjustable for left or right-handed users with easy access to on/off switch on the waist band.   Built to Suit a Variety of Facilities: Can be used on a variety of different surfaces including carpet, hard floors, timber, vinyl, laminates, tiles, and in hard-to-reach places with restricted movement including stairs or under furniture with its stretchable hose designed for...
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How to Choose the Right Commercial Backpack Vacuum for Your Facility?

Backpack vacuums are a commercial cleaner’s bread and butter. They are relatively cheaper than industrial sized vacuums, easy to use and manoeuvre in tight spaces and are incredibly efficient. So, what should you be looking out for when buying a commercial backpack vacuum cleaner for your facility?   Wattage vs. Suction Power   A popular misconception is that a high wattage means high suction. Wattage simply means how much energy is consumed in the running of your vacuum. This does not indicate anything to do with the power or performance of your vacuum. So, what is suction and how is it an indicator of a high performing vacuum? Vacuum Suction: Is often referred to as water lift or vacuum. The higher the suction, the greater the chances your vacuum is removing dirt, dust, and unwanted particles from surfaces. Therefore, a high suction power vacuum cleaner is more effective in getting rid of dirt and grime hidden in your floors. While other low suction vacuums can remove the appearance of dust, it may not be removing as much as you would like.   Air Flow   Another key indicator of a great vacuum is the power of the airflow. This is...
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The rubiX: The First System to Dispense Organic and Natural Concentrates

Introducing the RubiX: The first system to dispense organic and natural concentrates. This dispensing system is like no other! The Rubix has been proven to save facilities time and money by removing solution wastage from cleaning sites like schools, universities, shopping centres, aged care facilities, hospitals and more. The Rubix is incredibly functional and efficient by being able to dispense up to four different concentrated solutions at the touch of a button! The Rubix is compatible with the Enviroplus 2.5L X-range organic concentrate range. This includes: e-Washroom X e-Z-Kleen X e-Guard X e-Surface X e-Power X Experience organically powered deep cleaning with the Enviroplus x-range dispensed with the Rubix. Why Choose Enviroplus X-Range Concentrates? The Enviroplus x-range solutions are the most powerful organic GECA certified concentrates on the market. The x-range will assist by improving your cleaning performance and your facilities green star rating. These products are harmless for the environment and safer for cleaners. Rubix Features: Removes solution waste from your facility saving money and time. Dispenses 4 environmentally friendly solutions at the touch of a button. Two flow rate options for bottles, buckets & auto scrubbers Easy and quick selection colour coded system to identify correct concentrate. The...
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COVID-19: Mandatory Face Masks, Products & Practices for Facilities to Stay Open & Prepared

Looks like Covid-19 is not yet finished with Australia however, we are more aware and prepared than ever before! With face masks now mandatory in public settings including shopping centres, public transport, indoor entertainment, places of worship, hair and beauty premises, hospitality venues and aged care facilities. Disposable and fabric masks have become available to everyone wanting to prevent further community transmission and abide by government regulations otherwise a $200 on the spot fines will apply for non-compliance. Masks Help Reduce Community Transmission and Help Keep Your Business Running: While facility managers need to be flexible and sustainable in terms of short- and long-term plans, the financial and operational impacts of the first wave of COVID-19 in Australia leaves facility managers questioning the best practices moving forward for their facilities. The first wave highlighted the importance of masks, commercial cleaning equipment and hospital-grade disinfectants, largely due to the way in which COVID-19 spreads through the community. One way that COVID-19 spreads is through coughs, sneezes and even speaking close together. A person affected with COVID-19 can be: Asymptomatic Pre symptomatic Minimally symptomatic Although it is important to note that proper hand hygiene, physical distancing and: Avoiding crowds Washing your hands...
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Compostable Bin Liners

Compostable Bin Liners: The Better Choice Over Biodegradable/Degradable Options

Most of us know by now that we should avoid using plastic bags. Whether we’ve been working in business, the commercial contract cleaning industry or doing our bit at home, many of us have tried to reduce our plastic use. There is so much information out there that grabbing the nearest “green”, “degradable” or “biodegradable” product may not be as simple as it sounds to choose the right choice for the environment. In this article, we aim to remove the confusing jargon so you know what to look for when buying bin liners and why compostable bin liners are the better choice. Packaging can be fantastic these days. All that ‘organic- looking’ brown paper, pictures of trees and bunny rabbits – not to mention feel-good buzzwords – sure make it sound like you’re doing the right thing. But terms like “degradable” can be deceptive as everything is degradable over time. And claims don’t mean a thing unless they are proven by performance standard like Australian Standard AES 4736. But more on that later.    Biodegradable plastics will become small pieces of plastic, which continue to contaminate and harm the environment as ‘microplastics’.   First, let’s get to know some basic terms....
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WA Plastic Bag Ban

WA Plastic Bag Ban: Why compostable bin liners are the future in the commercial cleaning industry

While plastic bags are convenient and have become a part of our lives for a long time, they pose a significant problem for the environment. Commercial contract cleaners, facility managers and domestic households can make a large difference to improve the environment when switching to compostable plastic bags. Why Are Plastic Bags Bad for The Environment? Plastic bags and bin liners are one of the most common types of litter and build-ups of plastic bags have a myriad of effects including the death of over 100,000 marine animals and a million of seabirds from consumption annually. Plastic production and incineration could be responsible for over 56 gigatons of carbon between now and 2050. And annual CO2 emissions from plastics could grow to be more than 2.75 billion tonnes every year. (Joyce, C). Plastic bags take up to 500 or more years to degrade in landfills but do not completely degrade but rather become microplastics that continue to pollute the environment and enter our food supply ( What Is the Plastic Bag Ban? With the long-term environmental impacts of plastic bags becoming more known, government bodies and environmental groups are looking to ban single-use plastics such as plastic bags. For example,...
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