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There is significant importance of bins and waste removal solutions in the workplace or in commercial buildings, every business generate waste and rubbish which needs to be removed regularly. When a business supplies its employees and customers with easy access to waste bins, the overall maintenance of the building is made easier and buildings stay cleaner and neater.

Trash and garbage containers are constructed of sturdy materials like stainless steel, plastic, wood or other metals. Cans and bins are designed and created for use indoors and outdoors, each with strength to match their use. For easy handling, some larger cans and bins are equipped with rollers, wheels, or dollies, and special tops. Tops are flip tops, removable tops, circular, square, rectangular, or vented for options.

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Fliptop Bins

Wheelie/Outdoor Bins

Office Bins

Smokers Bins

Pedal Bins

Multipurpose Bins

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  • Free-standing
  • Wall-mounted
  • Self-deodorising
  • Minimal contact
  • Biodegradable plastics
  • Disposable cartridges

No other Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit offers so much. Our unit has a streamlined design, a uniquely biodegradable and disposable ‘lid and inner cartridge’ system and offers a range of retrofit options to deliver a solution that is perfect for your requirements. We have considered the environment in every aspect of our Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit, making it the responsible green choice for both commercial and residential usage