Columbus Step 100

Columbus Step 100 - Escalator cleaning machine for wet cleaning of treads and risers in one shot process.
  • The escalator wet cleaning machine cleans treads and risers in a one shot process.
  • It cleans tread areas and step risers horizontally and vertically simultaneously. Step by step – stair by stair. It doesn’t interfers with the escalator cleaners controls.
  • It cleans the steps once installed and while the escalator is switched off.
  • Easy to use thanks to fixed cleaning operation settings.
  • Economical use of water and chemicals. Both can be adjusted depending on the degree of cleaning required.
  • The cleaning machine can be easily transported between locations and can be operated by one single person.
  • The escalator can be used immediately after the cleaning as the suction unit dries up the surfaces.
  • Step 100 for escalator is a quality product designed and made in Germany.

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