Large Floor Scrubbers

Columbus RA66BM60
66cm Battery scrubber – Residue-free clean is ensured even for rough or heavily soiled floors, with adj. brush pressure.

Columbus RA66BM60 noBAC®
66cm Battery Operated noBAC® Scrubber – Hygiene Plus.

Columbus ARA66BM70
66cm Battery scrubber – The compact and agile scrubber for multipurpose use on medium-sized and large surfaces.

Columbus ARA85BM120
85cm Battery scrubber dryer – Versatile ride-on can clean large areas without interruption and refilling the tank.

Columbus ARA100
100cm Battery scrubber dyer. Less impact on the environment thanks to an integrated chemical dosing system.

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Do You Require A Large Floor Scrubber

If you need a large floor scrubber then look no further, at Abco Products we can offer you a selection of the best large and medium floor scrubbers in Australia. With a choice of either push, walk behind or larger ride-on machines, we have the deal for you. We have a friendly and experienced team who are detailed to look closely at the development of floor scrubbers and find the best reliable floor scrubbers for our clients, and with a range of innovations designed to make your cleaning cheaper and easier; we believe we can help you whatever you need. Abco Products is the right name for the best large floor scrubbers, so let’s have a look at some of the features on offer:

Main Features:

  • Portability – We make sure that all of the scrubbers we offer are versatile and easy to move from site to site. We also make sure we invest only in designs that you can transport easily.
  • Quiet – Our scrubbers are designed to be as quiet as possible, so as not to disturb others where loud noise may present a problem.
  • Manoeuvrable – We ensure that each of the machine models can attack those awkward corners and tight spots that all floors present.
  • Ease of Use – Simple controls and easy use make our machines usable by anyone.
  • Fast and Efficient – Large areas cleaned in one simple movement mean the cleaning process is even easier.

At Abco Products we take pride in knowing that our technical team are specially trained to understand the needs of our clients and to choose the right floor scrubber for you. We have a friendly and enthusiastic team who know their business inside and out. We have a rapid repair service so that any broken machine may be fixed very quickly, and we offer a full guarantee on all floor scrubbers we promote which includes a quick response to problems you may encounter.