Matrix SV4

Commercial Steam & Vacuum 4.5 Bar pressure
Matrix SO8 Steam Cleaner
Steam Mop Kit
  • Eradicates bacteria, sanitizes and removes all debris with its all in one steam system.
  • Designed for durability, it has a stainless steel body and boiler plus the added advantage of integrated vacuum making it one of the most compact and light weight commercial steam and vacuum systems on the market.
  • Continuous fill boiler allows for refill anytime with zero reheat time.
  • Has an integrated hour meter for effective management of your machine’s service schedules.

THE STEAM HAND/MOP KIT consists of a flexible steam only hose, extension tubes to enable high level cleaning of walls, ceilings and floors, with a choice of a 20cm/40cm cleaning tools and cloth kits with velco strips. This kit can be used with any model of steam machine produced by Matrix. For greater productivity and larger areas the 60cm FLOOR Mop can be purchased as an optional extra.

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