Commercial Window Cleaning Supplies & Tips for Your Facility

First Impressions Mean Everything! 

Potential customers make their first impression of your business before they walk in the door. If the window is cracked, dirty, or smudged, consumers will automatically link those factors as being unprofessional, unhygienic, and a business to have poor-quality services and products.

When it comes down to the core nature of consumer perception, a clean and tidy environment instils confidence and creates a sense of trust from the get-go by the consumers. Regularly cleaning the windows with commercial cleaning supplies can increase cleaning efficiency for little effort and great results.

Should You Invest in Cleaning Services? Or Cleaning Supplies?

Cleaning your windows may be an option for some, but for those who are willing to step up a few degrees and improve their brand image, commercial cleaning supplies and contract cleaners might be the option of opting for.

Many commercial cleaners have utilised our powerful and innovative supplies for over 20 years for a range of facilities like offices, restaurants, hospitals, and gyms!

Regular cleaning products tend to fail at being sufficient. This is because there may be residual streaks, lint, and smudges leftover from poor quality cleaning products and equipment. On top of that, average workers tend to not have the right techniques to carry out such a task for facilities.

It’s Anti-Fog or Nothing At All!

Most standard window cleaning products will not have anti-fog within its chemical compounds, and the importance of such is ideal when you are attempting to combat the ever-changing environmental factors.

Anti-fog helps to not only control moisture condensation but to also manage the changing atmosphere as most shops will have air conditioning units.

Sustainable Window Cleaning Products

It is a myth that long-term sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning products are not as effective in achieving a clean and desired result. As the world looks towards our impact on the environment, commercial cleaning companies must play their part.

By using non-toxic formula glass cleaners, you are not only reducing those airborne particles and mould build-up but are ensuring a safe environment for everyone including pets. By utilising plant-based products you send a strong message to your customers, employees, and the wider community that you value environmental sustainability and the well-being of your staff.

Generally going for a plant-based supply will ideally fit the satisfaction of consumers and will support the brand image of the company itself. Most cleaning products in today’s market contain harmful chemicals, examples such as Windex, Sparkle, and Peerless, all contain ammonia in some of their products. This is known to be a hazardous chemical when in contact and when inhaled.

E-Z-View: Clean and Green

There are many different window cleaners on the market including ammonia-based and non-ammonia-based glass cleaners, IPA-based glass cleaners, cleaning agents-based liquids, foam glass cleaner, glass cleaning paste, glass cleaning wipes and traffic film removers.

The Natural Anti-Fog and Glass Window Cleaner e-Z-View

  • inhibits fog on glass and mirrors
  • plant-derived surfactant
  • alcohol-based cleaner
  • the smear-free finish on glass and windows
  • free of harmful chemicals
  • natural formulated and non-toxic
  • Eco-safe and biodegradable

The product can be bought in either small spray bottles, or in bulk to satisfy each user needs. It is perfect for all facilities and households including mining, commercial and domestic sectors.

What is all the GECA about?

Abco’s vision is simple, to minimise the commercial waste impact on the environment and empower cleaners, facility managers and households with powerful and eco-friendly products.

The e-Z-View Window Cleaner is a step in the right direction for any facility manager or contract cleaner looking towards a sustainable future and a great clean. The E-Z-View is also GECA Certified meaning that this product is globally recognised as an environmentally sound product that matters.

GECA certified products aim to create a sustainable future for people and the planet; and deliver solutions for sustainable consumption and production.

TIPS: The Best Way to Clean Windows

For smaller facilities and households where contract cleaners are not an option, this is a great guide to how to clean your windows perfectly and streak-free!

  1. Choose a Dry, Cloudy Day
  2. Remove Dirt and Dust First
  3. Pick the Right Window Cleaner
  4. Scrub the Glass with a Sponge
  5. Use the Squeegee Next (wipe dry with a lint-free rag each time)
  6. Wipe off Excess Water with a Microfiber cloth

Abco Products have a wide range of squeegees and microfiber cloths that would suit any facility – to find out more visit our range on

The benefits of regularly cleaning your windows with high quality, environmentally friendly Abco products are hard to ignore.

Abco – your local supplier of commercial cleaning supplies in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney – can help you find the perfect environmentally sustainable cleaning products, industrial cleaning supplies and commercial cleaning equipment. For information about our commercial cleaning supplies solutions, please call us on 1800 177 399.

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