It can be the fastest way to clean the floors, but what should you look for when purchasing a floor scrubber?

The benefits of a floor scrubber is very clear. First of all, dirty water is collected into a separate waste tank rather than dipping a mop back into a bucket filled with dark grey water. Plus, the action of the brushes creates friction with the floor, leaving it much cleaner than other traditional cleaning methods. Also, it’s much quicker, much less labour intensive, and much more efficient providing a clean yet dry floor.

Here are some things you need to consider when choosing your next floor scrubber:

What type of machine do you want?

Do you need electric or battery operated? This choice may come down to budget. If your budget is limited, a 240 V corded machine may be your best bet. Of course, you will be slightly restricted with this, but by using an extension lead can be a simple solution. If scrubbing needs to be carried out while there is a potential risk of people tripping on a cord, the battery type scrubber may be far more attractive from an OH&S standpoint.

You also need to consider whether you need a ride-on floor scrubber or a walk behind model. This will largely depend on the surface area needing to be cleaned.

What is the size of the area being cleaned?

While it’s easy to base your decision on the largest area to be cleaned, remember, you may want to use the floor cleaner in smaller areas too. By purchasing the largest one, you’re essentially eliminating your ability to clean the small areas as well.

Take a look around the exact areas you need to clean. For example, while a school may need a floor scrubber to clean the gym, it also may need it to clean hallways, the cafeteria, or common areas. The gym is a wide-open space, whereas the kitchen tends to have tighter and restricted areas to clean. Your floor scrubber may need to service more than one area.

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What is your budget?

Your budget should be one of the first things you think about, because it will largely dictate what options you have. Purchasing machinery on a rental plan or another flexible payment plan needs to be considered also as this could change the overall package that you can afford. Always seek advice from the seller in what payment plans they have to offer.

If your budget is tight, do a little bit of research into the possibility of used or demonstration models. As long as they have been serviced and well looked after, there’s no reason to eliminate these options. There may be reconditioned units you can purchase at a lower price tag. In some instances, you may need to invest in ensuring the unit is useable and safe, so it’s important to weigh up your options and balance how much you’ll actually be saving.


What are the features of the models you are considering? When looking at this, it’s important to weigh up the features against what you actually need. Some machines can have loads of features you’re not actually going to use. In this case, you’re spending extra money for nothing.

Some features you should consider include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Portability or movability
  • Noise factor
  • Ease of servicing
  • Durability.

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When doing your research, jump online to see what user feedback there has been for your shortlist. People will generally be honest on the internet, so if there are more negative reviews than positive, it’s probably worth eliminating that machine from your prospective list.

User feedback also shows exactly how the machine works in an everyday environment, and whether it was useable or not. Just remember to read the feedback in relation to the features you’re going to be using.

User friendliness

There’s no point buying a floor scrubber if you can’t use it. The operation of the machine should be fairly easy to learn. If you’re purchasing one that’s going to take a long time to figure out, or will be difficult to operate, you’ll be wasting valuable cleaning time! Remember, it may not be the same person operating the machine every time, so it’s best that it’s versatile, simple to use, and efficient to operate.

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