CSR in blue

At Abco, we are committed to finding new way to solve the waste management and hygiene problems facing our planet today. By balancing the cleaning and hygiene needs of our customers with a sustainable approach to environmental responsibilities, we can put forward ingenious new cleaning solutions that will help the commercial industry empower the cleaners and the community by extention.

While we operate in an industry in which the use of sometimes-harmful chemicals is an unfortunate reality, we have made it our mission to find long-term sustainable alternatives to toxic cleaning commodities. Hence why, we have been investing heavily in latest biotechnologies and nanotechnologies that will reduce environmental impact of commercial cleaning. We have also partnered with various leading organisations and scientists globally to bring forth sustainable cleaning solutions to Australia in line with our CSR Policy.

Some of the key CSR programs we are committed to include:

Non-toxic Biological Cleaning Solution

FSC and PEFC certified Paper

Recycling is a Priority

Greenfleet ‘Plant A Forest Program’

GREENTAG Platinum Certification

GECA Certified Products

Positive Procurement

Rapid Relief Team Support

Indigenous Literacy Foundation Book Supply Program