GECA Certified

We offer a comprehensive range of Environmentally friendly product non-toxic to the end-user, the manufacturer and also the manufacturers. Our range of Enviroplus GECA certified cleaning products are solutions not chemicals as they do not contain any toxic chemicals that will harm the environment.

It is important specially in the commercial cleaning industry to think of the consequences of the products we use on the people and eco-system it gets in contact with. Most of the cleaning solutions we use to clean our washrooms, floors and kitchen end up in our waterways and affect the rivers, oceans, animals and crops in our environment. This is why we develop this range of products to ensure that we have sustainable cleaning solutions that will empower our cleaners.

Why we need GECA certified products and services

In the past, unsustainable actions have had a negative impact on the environment, and unless we act now, these impacts will only become worse. We want to live and work in clean, healthy, environmentally responsible spaces, and thankfully GECA can help you achieve this.

We’re keeping up with the latest in sustainability to continually develop green products. At the same time, we’re showing cleaning contractors across Australia how easy it is to make a good choice, with our easily recognisable and trustworthy ecolabel which has been voted amongst the top 50 most trusted brands in Australia.

GECA’s ecolabel is a sign that buyers can trust to have a lower impact on the environment and human health, are ethically made and fit for purpose.

GECA’s ecolabel and standards address multiple environmental attributes such as toxicity, air quality, energy use, recyclability, VOCs, carcinogens, reducing water consumption, protecting waterways, use of sustainable materials and minimising material usage. They also consider impacts across the entire life cycle of a product or service, from raw material extraction through to use and eventual disposal or breakdown.

We care about the conditions in which certified products are manufactured, which is why social impacts are across all our standards. Including, safer and more ethical working conditions, not only for the employees, but also those involved in the supply chain.

The ecolabel ensures that certified products consider the effects of toxic chemicals such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or carcinogenic substances on human health. GECA certified products contribute considerably to better air quality, minimising health risks.