At Abco, we take environmental responsibility seriously. That’s why we’ve developed a Bioactive Toilet Tissue that helps reduce pipe blockages and unpleasant odours in sewerage lines that is actually good for the environment.

The patented Enviroplus Bioactive Tissue Paper consists of BATP technology where five natural microorganisms, safe for personal use and the environment activate when in contact with water. These active enzymes are produced to help the toilet tissue to become biodegradable in pipes and sewerage systems.

Industries that can benefit from using Enviroplus Bioactive Toilet Paper include schools, airports, commercial and retail centres, cruise ships and hotels.

In particular, one school that has benefited from the use of the Enviroplus Bioactive Toilet Paper Tissue is The International French School of Sydney. With over 1,000 students attending the institution, Greg Sawyer, the facilities manager of the institution approached Abco to find an alternative paper to help the school reduce its frequent number of pipe blockages due to the overuse of its facilities.

Previously, using a top-quality 2ply virgin toilet paper, no matter how much the school paid for the paper, they were still having blockage issues regularly.

After one year of the implementation of the Enviroplus Bioactive Toilet Tissue “I am confident in reporting that the number of blockages has reduced by 60%” said Greg Sawyer, facilities manager at the International French School of Sydney.

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Additional benefits the school has also seen with this initiative is the reduced odours in the bathrooms and has even allowed the institution to achieve a carbon credit and increased green star rating.

Not only is the school helping the environment, but by using the Enviroplus Bioactive Toilet paper, they are also contributing to Greenfleet. GreenFleet is a non-for profit Australian organisation on a mission to protect our climate by restoring our forests and for every carton of toilet paper or hand towel sold by Abco 1c is donated to GreenFleet’s ‘Plant a Forest’ Program. This initiative is part of our commitment to ensuring that the resources we use and sell in our products are being replenished for generations to come.

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