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Abco has recently become a major supporter of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) and their organisation’s Book Supply program as part of its wider Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). The ILF is a not-for-profit charity with a vision of equity of opportunity for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children living in remote Australia.

Our core purpose is to ‘empower cleaners, empower our people and empower the community.’ Supporting the ILF aligns with our core purpose. The three ILF programs focus on empowering Communities by investing in the infrastructure remote Communities need such as access to quality learning resources. These include culturally relevant books, books with translations in first languages, and publishing stories written and illustrated by Communities for Communities, in the languages they choose.

To date, ILF’s Book Supply Program has gifted 537,100 new books to over 400 remote Indigenous Communities where books are often scarce. This year alone they have gifted 99,000 books to 325 Communities. The Community Map below shows many of the  Communities that the ILF supports.

In June this year, the ILF launched their Reading Opens Doors Library. The mobile library is designed for board or staff rooms with an aim to inspire self-education and discussion about the challenges and triumphs of First Nations peoples. Each library consists of 17 titles by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors and illustrators, and includes eight adult titles, three young adult titles and six children’s books. At Abco, we believe this is a great initiative to share within our teams and their families, to promote knowledge of First Nations history, language, and culture.

We also love the ILF’s Give the Gift of Reading! campaign. It’s a great opportunity to gift a card with a social impact to a colleague, friend or family member. Each quality card features artwork from young, Indigenous artists and represents the gifting of two, five or ten books to children in remote Australia. Donations to the Give the Gift of Reading campaign are 100% tax-deductible.

Abco is excited to announce that to date, we have donated 1,507 books to ILF through the sales of our environmentally friendly commercial cleaning range, Enviroplus. The Enviroplus brand and products are the culmination of finding new ways to solve the waste management and hygiene problems facing our planet today. Enviroplus products are eco-friendly solutions to cleaning that support our mission to empower the community with sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions.

“Long term, corporate relationships are very important because we receive no government funding. Ongoing support allows our programs to continue year-to-year, and we rely on partners like Abco to continue to do our vital work,” says ILF’s Relationship Manager, David Stewart.

As a supporter of the ILF, when customers buy selected Enviroplus products, a portion of profits are donated to the Book Supply Program. This means that not only are we empowering our customers to meet their environmentally sustainable goals, but we are also delivering on corporate social responsibility goals by supporting ILF with funds to help put more books into the hands of kids in remote Australia.

“We aim to work with organisations that not only care for people, but the planet as well, and Abco certainly fits that with the Enviroplus range,” says Mr Stewart.

Enviroplus is also passionate to be a part of the GECA family. GECA is an independent body that tests environmentally friendly products and looks at a product’s impact on the environment from the extraction of raw materials to the end of its life. Should a product pass their rigorous testing, it will be given a GECA certification and have a logo on its label that looks like this:

The GECA ecolabel on our products indicates a good environmental choice and is a good way to know the difference between a product with a “green” label or claim and what products are better choices for the environment.  So don’t be fooled by green washing and keep an eye out for GECA labels. A few of our GECA certified products include:

e-Washroom X: All Surface Washroom Cleaner

Key Benefits:

  • GECA Certified
  • Cleans, refreshes, and eliminates organic waste build-up
  • Deodorises by destroying the source of the bad odours
  • Non-toxic solutions, bio-degradable and active microbes
  • Effectively provides wetting, penetrating, soil cutting and anti-redepositing

e-Z-Kleen X: Natural Hard Surface and Floor Cleaner

Key Benefits

  • GECA Certified
  • pH neutral and safe for all surfaces
  • Fast enzymatic action to cut through grease
  • Concentrated formula, cost-effective cleaner
  • Reduce cleaning hazards with less slippery floors
  • Contains VOC free, carbon neutral, plant-derived solvent

e-Surface X: All-in-One Multi-Surface Cleaner

Key Benefits

  • GECA Certified
  • Delivers exceptional cleaning on all surface types
  • Septic safe, active micro-organism and enzymes, odour eliminator
  • Residual cleaning action long after the cleaning application has finished
  • Product-specific microbial strains break down organic matter to remove the source of the odours

e-Power X: Powerful Concentrated Cleaner

Key Benefits

  • GECA certified
  • Versatile cleaner
  • Completely eco-safe and biodegradable
  • Ultimate penetration of grease and oils
  • Naturally formulated with nano-emulsification

e-Flush: Toilet and Urinal Cleaner

Key Benefits:

  • GECA certified
  • Biosystem & septic safe cleaner
  • Totally eco-safe & biodegradable
  • Reduces build-up of uric acid
  • Natural cleaning power that eliminates odours
  • Naturally formulated, non-toxic

Learn more about the Enviroplus range and download the brochure today or discover more about how the Indigenous Literacy Foundation continues to make a difference in Indigenous communities by clicking here.

To speak with our friendly team more about how you can improve your facility with Enviroplus call 1800 177 399 or email sales@abcopro.com.au today.

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