Floor Polishers / Burnishers / Rotaries

Floor Polishers / Burnishers / Rotaries – From single disk, three disk and propane machines available.

Truvox Cimex CR48
Multi-purpose machine.


Truvox Orbis 200
43CM (17 inch) – 200rpm standard speed, machine only..


Truvox Orbis 400
HIGH SPEED – 400rpm high speed, machine only.

Truvox Orbis Duo
200/400rpm two speed, machine only.

Truvox Orbis 1500
Ultra Highspeed Machine With Integrated Passive Dust Control.

Truvox Orbis Cordless Burnisher
Passive Dust Control. Onboard Charger, 2x12v 44ah Batteries & Drive Disc.

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A floor polisher or rotary polishing machine that is both strong and durable is what you need to ensure top quality results when polishing your surfaces. At Abco Product, we have the latest floor polisher that will give your work area a commercial quality polish finish.

The Abco Product floor polisher can be used on different types of floors and a variety of surface types with the same excellent results. The polishing and rotary cleaning machines have been designed to answer all your needs and to deliver the best results when used on various surfaces. Whether you’re spraying, scrubbing or simply polishing your surfaces, Abco wide range of rotary machines will perform effectively and efficiently. By using the latest technology, Abco Product is the leading supplier of the widest range of floor polisher and rotary machines in Australia. Our goal is to meet the rigorous demand for cleaning all surfaces regardless of the size or texture.

You can choose from a single disk, three disks or propane machine options, depending on what type of surface you need to clean.

The team at Abco Product consists of a fully trained technical department with professionals that have a passion for their work. For any repairs, services, technical inquiries or difficulties setting up your equipment, one of our trained technicians will be more than happy to help you out or explain and walk you through what you need to do. Abco Product prides itself for its comprehensive customer support and after-sales service for all products. All new floor polisher & rotary machines come with warranty protection.

Abco Product’s factory-trained staff can also perform onsite repair or offer advice on how to correctly maintain your machines to ensure that your cleaning business is efficiently run. This gives our customers confidence that what they are buying is reliable and serviceable.

Abco Products floor polisher & rotary cleaning equipment are designed and made under the highest standards and manufactured with the newest technology available that allows them to be swift and cost-effective. Replacement parts are also widely available, as every part of the rotary equipment is stocked for eventual repairs.

For the best and most reliable floor polisher and rotaries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a leading provider of all cleaning solutions for Australian businesses.