Medium Floor Sweepers

SureSweep ST910
900mm sweeping path. Self propelled making sweeping easier.

SureSweep ST1000
1000mm sweeping path. Self propelled for forward/reversing, making sweeping easier.

SureSweep STR1000
1000mm sweeping path. Ride on sweeper with Twin Roller System [TRS] ensuring highly efficient collection of rubbish.

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Do You Require A Medium Floor Sweeper

Cleaning the floor of a business premises is an essential part of keeping things neat and impressive, yet sometimes the machinery lets you down! Some floor sweepers are great machines but there are those that can b unreliable. At Alphaclean we have a reputation as one of the market leading Australian providers of medium floor sweepers that are not just well priced but also technically advanced. With a commitment to great customer service and highly knowledgeable staff, Alphaclean assures its customers that they will be pointed in the direction of the best floor cleaner for their needs.

Technologically Advanced TRS Floor Sweeper

Alphaclean floor sweepers, small, medium and large, all use advanced TRS technology, which is designed to provide greater than usual performance and efficiency in sweeping up debris and other dirt from floors. Our medium floor sweepers cut down on the time needed to clean even the biggest areas, and allow for greater efficiency in cleaning as well as enhanced cost-effectiveness.

Devised to make cleaning even the heaviest use floors simple, Alphaclean medium floor cleaners offer superb ability and ease of use, while being simple to operate and cheap to buy and run.

What TRS Technology does

TRS technology, as used in all of our floor sweepers, offers the following benefits:

  • Twin rollers that help pick up the more robust dirt and debris, and allow the medium floor sweeper to tackle the problems some other machines cannot handle.
  • A special hopper takes all of the collected waster and compacts it for easy and time-saving disposal.
  • The hopper is designed to eliminate the troublesome problem of blocking that comes with front-mounted versions.
  • TRS sweepers can be used in even the harshest environments, including outdoors or on surfaces that are not even.

Alphaclean is proud to provide medium floor sweepers using this advanced TRS technology, and we have an informative video at our website. Furthermore, if you need any more information on floor sweepers, either new or second hand, or any of our comprehensive range of products, please contact us right away and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.