Small Floor Sweepers

SureSweep S800
800mm sweeping path. Entirely manually operated with no electronics to reduce cost of ownership.

TruSweep 460
A compact Industrial push sweeper that is perfect for most sweeping applications in harsh enviroments.

SureSweep SM900
900mm sweeping path. Twin Roller System [TRS] ensuring highly efficient collection of materials.

SureSweep ST910
900mm sweeping path. Self propelled making sweeping easier.

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Do You Require A Small Floor Sweeper

As the leading provider of small floor sweepers in Australia you can be certain that we have the one for you. We have many years of experience in providing a comprehensive range of floor sweepers of all sizes, and with a commitment to excellence in customer service and a friendly and experienced team of staff we can ensure that we offer you the very best choice. Not only do we sell new floor sweepers, but we also deal in used machines and have a hire service, so it is our belief that Abco Products is the place to go. One thing that makes our floor sweepers stand out is TRS technology; this is an advanced system, so here’s more about it:

What is TRS?

TRS was created by the always-efficient design engineers of Germany, a country famed for its attention to detail and fine engineering, and it allows Abco’s range of floor sweepers to provide performance that is second to none. Rather than the conventional choice of a single cleaning roller, Abco Products designs use two roller brushes, rotating in the opposite direction to each other, which picks up all debris off the floor and loads it into a special compartment.

This design means that our sweepers are more effective than others when it comes to a mix of very small and larger debris, and also that you do not get the frequent blocking of the cleaning areas some machines are prone to. The result is time saved, and money too.

With a range of TRS-equipped floor sweepers that covers all the possibilities and will cope with everything from small to large premises, Abco Products can give you what you need, and we also have a choice of sweepers for outdoor use.

If you wish to know more there is a video on the Abco Products website that explains TRS technology and features a demonstration, and if you wish to find out more, please give us a call and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.