TruSweep 460

Compact Industrial Push Sweeper – perfect for most sweeping applications
  • Due to its lightweight and robust construction this sweeper is easy to operate and highly manoeuvrable
  • It will collect metal swarf, polystyrene, timber shavings, leaves, cigarette butts and much more from most hard floor surfaces
  • The adjustable side brush allows for up to the edge sweeping moving the product into the centre for the main broom to collect
  • The main brush pressure can also be adjusted to suit the many floor conditions allowing the operator to maximise its performance
  • Its capable of Sweeping up to 2600 m² per hour saving significant man hours when using a broom
  • The innovative anti-wrap technology prevents threads, wires and long thin materials from getting wound onto the brush shaft saving maintenance costs
  • The 40 litre hopper can be easily removed for easy empting and disposal into a rubbish bin

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