How Columbus Auto Scrubber Dyers Save Time & Money For Contract Cleaners & Facility Managers

How the Columbus Autoscrubber Dryers Save Time & Money for Contract Cleaners & Facility Managers

Columbus automatic floor scrubbers come in walk-behind and ride-on models that are powered either by cable or battery. With a wide variety of sizes, any contract cleaner or facility manager can find the perfect fit for any facility.

The Columbus Autoscrubber Dryers are essential for any facility looking for a deep clean with a fast-drying time that is not going to cost you an arm and a leg. Scrubbers are a fantastic industrial cleaning machine that improves a facility for a multitude of reasons including:

  1. Reducing Risk of Injuries: Safe Work Australia ‘Slip, Trips & Falls’ report details that most preventable injuries are due to poorly maintained walkways and slippery surfaces.
  2. No Lingering Dirt: Mopping up floors can leave behind dirt and bacteria that builds up in the strands and can be redistributed on surfaces.
  3. Return on Investment: The long-term benefits of auto-scrubbers include a lifetime of industrial high-quality clean floors, fewer slip hazards, easier and quicker cleaning that any commercial cleaning contractors would be proud of.
  4. Floor Dry Quicker: Less water means fewer slip hazards with floor drying time cut in half with the right auto-scrubber. So, you can get back to business faster than ever.
  5. Higher Efficiency and Capacity: Ranging from 10L to 200L tank capacity, commercial scrubbers can store more water and use it more efficiently and effectively compared to any mop and bucket meaning you save money and are participating in water-saving eco-friendly practices.
  6. Less Effort: Industrial commercial auto scrubbers are one of the easiest and most effective ways any commercial contract cleaner can clean floors. All you need is a full tank of chemical and water and to turn it on. Whether its walk-behind or ride-on, all floor scrubbers are relatively easy to use and versatile.

Maintaining clean floors with a floor scrubber is an environmentally friendly option compared to a mop and bucket. It is also a great way to use less commercial cleaning chemical like disinfectants over a larger facility. Instead of using cleaning chemicals Abco products sell commercial cleaning supplies and solutions that are environmentally friendly. The Enviroplus X-range solutions are highly organic, plant-derived cleaning solutions which are an alternative to cleaning chemicals. See more about the enviroplus range here.

So Which Floor Scrubber is Right for You?



COLUMBUS 85CM RIDE ON AUTO SCRUBBER: Greater efficiency per tank: this highly efficient ride-on scrubber dryer enables non-stop cleaning operations for two hours on just one tank.

  • Tank Capacity 120L
  • Working Width 85cm
  • Coverage max 5100m2/h
  • Brush Pressure 36kg

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COLUMBUS 66CM BATTERY AUTO SCRUBBER: The ergonomically shaped handlebar and the clear control panel enable fatigue-free working even during long operations. Excellent suction performance with a low noise level of just 61 dB (A).

  • Tank Capacity 60L
  • Working Width 66cm
  • Coverage max 2640m2/h
  • Brush Pressure 40kg

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COLUMBUS 55CM BATTERY TRACTION AUTO SCRUBBER: The new, manoeuvrable all-rounders in the 40-litre class deliver the comfort and equipment for long, intensive cleaning work combined with the benefits of easy handling and compact dimensions.

  • Tank Capacity 40L
  • Working Width 55cm
  • Coverage max 2200m2/h
  • Brush Pressure 23kg

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COLUMBUS 43CM/ 20L BATTERY AUTO SCRUBBER: Featuring several handy details, the 20-litre walk-behind scrubber dryer comes into its own wherever compactness and manoeuvrability are key.

  • Tank Capacity 20L
  • Working Width 43cm
  • Coverage max 1720m2/h
  • Brush Pressure 30kg

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Ultra-compact and extremely manoeuvrable: the low-cost scrubber dryer for small areas and heavily congested spaces. Ideal for changing work areas, the large wheels facilitate manoeuvring and transportation up and downstairs.

  • Tank Capacity 10L
  • Working Width 35cm
  • Coverage max 1400m2/h
  • Brush Pressure 28kg

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When it comes to investing in the health of your patrons and employees, choosing the right cleaning chemicals and industrial cleaning products is essential. Whether you are a facility manager for an office, gym or even in the hospitality industry, maintaining superb clean floors is easier with a floor scrubber.

Abco Products – your local supplier of commercial cleaning supplies in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney – we have been providing contract cleaners and facility manager with environmentally sustainable cleaning products, powerful industrial cleaning supplies and commercial cleaning equipment for over 20 years. For information about our commercial cleaning machinery, please call us on 1800 177 399 or email us on




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