How Preventive Maintenance Service Saves You Money

We can all agree malfunctioning equipment is extremely frustrating, if only there were a way to prevent it from happening? Well good news, we have a solution.

While we can’t prevent all unplanned breakdowns, there are actions we can take to minimise the amount of time it occurs. That’s where preventative maintenance steps in. Preventive maintenance is not about fixing problems. It is focused on preventing problems from ever happening in the first place. It includes actions such as cleaning, lubrication, adjustments, repairs, and parts replacement. Each of these activities help keep equipment in top condition and prevents downtime and reactive fixes.

It is clear that preventive maintenance is different and more beneficial than reactive maintenance, and below are 5 reasons why:

1. Better-quality Customer Service
It’s your job to keep your customer happy, unplanned machine breakdowns can put a spanner in the works. Customers just want to know your business will get the cleaning job done on time and don’t care whether your machinery breaks down. Using our preventative maintenance strategy, you can consistently keep your customers happy by reducing the amount of downtime on your equipment, staff or even business. When you can consistently provide quality, on-time cleaning service to your customers, you’ll have stronger reviews, increased referrals, and eventually more sales.

2. Reduced Interruption or Downtime
Time is money when it comes to cleaning and employing staff to run your business. That’s why if your cleaning machine breaks down it causes interruption for the business losing both money and time in wages, there is also the risk of the job not being done right due to unavailable equipment. Preventive maintenance significantly reduces this interruption because the entire purpose is to prevent downtime.
3. Reduce the Risk of Expensive Reactive Maintenance
Reactive maintenance is incredibly expensive. When something breaks suddenly, you have the costs of your maintenance crew (which can include overtime pay), the cost of the extra time it takes to diagnose the problem, and the cost of the parts (which can include expedited shipping charges). Preventive maintenance can dramatically reduce the risk of these costs.

4. Increase Efficiency of Business and Cleaning Equipment
When preventive maintenance is implemented properly, and equipment is regularly serviced the machine is able to run in peak condition. This includes taking less time to clean in turn can save time and money. An example of having the squeegee on an auto scrubber set correctly means that it will leave the floor entirely dry after the machine has just passed the floor strip once, requiring your staff to go over the same spots of the floor additional times.

5. Increase the Life Span of Cleaning Machines
In addition to reducing interruptions and expensive fixes, preventive maintenance will also increase the life of your equipment. When everything is up to date and working properly, you will maximise the lifespan of your machinery, helping you get the most out of your investment.

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