How to Choose the Right Commercial Toilet Paper for Your Facility

The right washroom utilities are cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and user friendly. In high traffic commercial bathrooms such as shopping centre facilities, often the first preference for toilet paper is value for money. For smaller facilities, the first preference may be softness and thickness for maximum comfort. No matter what facility size or preference, ensuring that you choose the best toilet paper is crucial to improve your washroom standards.

To choose the best toilet paper for your facility, you need to examine the following:

  • The Size and Traffic of your Facility
  • The Style of your Bathroom
  • Environmental Impacts and Septic Safety
  • Cost Efficiency

Plies and Sheets Per Toilet Paper Roll

Why Does Ply Matter?

If your focus is ensuring that your patrons have the most comfortable wipe then the higher the ply is generally going to provide you with greater thickness and overall comfort. Although the greater the ply could also lead to Septic tank clogging and result in costly repairs. Here’s why.

The word ‘ply’ refers to the number of layers that the commercial toilet paper has. This means that 1-ply has one layer and 3-ply has 3 layers. While not all toilet paper was created equal as even some toilet papers that are 3-ply are not always necessarily soft. This is largely due to the brand’s own discrepancies.

1 Ply Toilet Paper:

1 ply toilet paper is generally cheaper because it uses less paper and is often easier to make. 1 ply is also a great option for a facility manager who is looking at saving a little cash in the short and long term. This is due to 1 ply being one of the best options for septic tank safety and for avoiding toilet clog.

Facilities that Benefit:

  • Office buildings
  • Shopping Centres
  • Large sports centres
  • Entertainment arenas
  • Universities and Educational Facilities
  • High traffic facilities

2 Ply Toilet Paper:

Facility managers who are looking for a little more quality in their toilet paper for their patrons may be interested in 2 plies. 2 ply has an extra layer of paper for added comfort and to avoid any ‘accidents. 2 plies is often a great choice for any facility manager looking for a cost-effective way of providing a hygienic experience in a restroom with patrons needing less toilet paper with the added layer of paper that a 2 ply paper has.

Facilities That Benefit:

  • Office Buildings
  • Gym Facilities
  • Small Business
  • The hospitality industry (cafes, coffee store and small restaurants)
  • Spas and Beauty Therapy

3 Ply Toilet Paper:

While 3 play tends to be what everyone prefers, the problem with 3 ply toilet paper is that it is a much more costly toilet paper and can lead to septic tank issues. The 3 layers of ply do add a high level of quality to your patron’s washroom experience and demonstrate a higher level of sophistication and class that may be in line with your facilities appearance. Demonstrating a high level of care for your patron’s washroom experience is a guaranteed way to impress a sophisticated audience.

Complications, however, arise with cost and septic safety with the 3 plies often leading to toilet clog. If you are on a budget, then 3 plies may not be the most appropriate option as it is an unnecessary luxury for casual facilities and high volume traffic commercial bathrooms.

Facilities That Benefit:

  • High-End Business’
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Health Services (people who are vulnerable or in a sensitive state like those in hospitals or health care facilities benefit from the extra care and consideration of 3 ply toilet paper)
  • Any facility that promotes luxury or sophistication

Recycled Vs. Virgin

Another thing to consider besides ply is whether to buy recycled toilet or virgin toilet paper. Recycled toilet paper is toilet paper that is made from recycled material and virgin is when the paper has no recycled or alternative fibres. The process of recycling does less damage to the environment and reduces landfill waste. It is important if you are considering your environmental impact especially as a larger facility where there is heavy traffic in your washrooms to look out for products with a PEFC or FSC certification.

  • PEFC Certified Means: Means that 70% of the wood for the fibres comes from a PEFC certified forest. PEFC recycled means 70% of the fibres come from recycled sources.
  • FSC Recycled: This means all the fibre in the product is recycled material however there is a chance of 15% of the fibre which can be pre-consumer waste. FSC 100% means that ALL the fibres/timber come from an FSC certified forest

Another Eco-Friendly Option: Elemental Chlorine Free

If you are concerned about the bleaching process that occurs to give toilet paper that white look then have a look for ECF on the label. This means that instead of the paper being bleached with harmful chlorine gas which produces dioxins that are harmful to our health and environment, the paper has been bleached with a chlorine dioxide that reduces the harm of dioxins.

BioActive Toilet Tissue: On A Roll To A Cleaner Planet

  • Enzymes are activated when in contact with water and degrade organic matter
  • Environmentally friendly, PEFC certified paper
  • Treated with 100% naturally occurring microorganisms
  • Say goodbye to frequent pipe blockages
  • Maintains drains and cleans pipes
  • No more unpleasant odours in sewerage lines, including pipes, trap tanks, septic tanks and cesspools

How BioActive Works:

  • The natural microorganisms are activated when the paper comes into contact with water
  • The natural microorganisms reproduce, multiplying the cleaning effect exponentially.
  • Once the agents have completed their action, they biodegrade with no impact on the environment

BATP Technology:

The BioActive toilet paper delivers unprecedented innovation through the incorporation of internationally patented BATP Technology.

BATP consists of a synergy of five natural microorganisms, safe for personal use and the environment. The microorganisms only activate when in contact with water and produce enzymes that biodegrade encrustations and organic substances present in the pipes and sewage system.

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