E-Washroom X: Powerful Chemical Free Cleaning Disinfectant

The e-Washroom X is a commercial cleaning solution part of the Enviroplus X range owned and exclusively distributed by Abco Products the leading supplier in Australia of commercial cleaning supplies. The Enviroplus range is a chemical free natural cleaning solution that delivers powerful lasting results for environmentally conscious cleaners and facilities across Australia.

What Should I be Looking for in a Commercial Washroom Disinfectant?

With so many commercial cleaning supplies on the market, it can be hard as a contract cleaner or facility manager to source the best products that will deliver a desired result.

Whether cleaning a restaurant, office, hospital, school or aged care centre, it is important to have a sparkling bathroom free from bacteria and odour free! But what should you look for when sourcing a washroom disinfectant?

The first thing to look for in a washroom cleaner is an all surface disinfectant, particularly one that is concentrated, this is because they are:

  • Cost Effective:¬†concentrates are more commonly used by contract cleaners as they are designed to be diluted with water before use, this means you can get double the amount of product for a cost-effective price.


  • Reduce Waste: A primary focus of Enviroplus and the X Range Concentrates is to minimise the overall commercial waste impact on the environment. This is because when using a concentrated product over ready to use it means the cleaner is recycling the spray bottle over and over again instead of getting rid of the single-use container. As consumers and companies are increasingly becoming aware of their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment, actions taken to minimise this is acknowledged by Abco Products and the X Range by creating sustainable and affordable green cleaning products.


  • Effective For Going a Long Way:¬†when diluted correctly concentrates are just as effective in cleaning surfaces, in some cases there are chemicals which state different dilutions for different types of cleaning objectives.

For example, the e-Washroom X can be diluted at 1:300 in a spray bottle for lightly soiled surfaced which means the cleaner is only using 3 ml of concentrate per 1 litre of water or for heavily soiled surfaces dilution can be used at 1:150 which is 7 ml per litre. As demonstrated the concentrates go a long way with only little product used compared if contract cleaners were to clean with ready use chemicals.

  • Versatile:¬†Concentrates that are suitable for all surface means they can clean mirrors, sinks, taps, urinals, toilet bowls, floors, shower cubicles and any washroom surface! Perfect for stainless steel, ceramic, melamine, polymers, glass, marble and granite!

  • GECA Certified – GECA Certification means that a product is better for the environment and reduces impact on human health.

Are Biodegradable Products Just as Good as Non-Biodegradable Washroom Cleaners?

For 20 years, Abco Products have been the leading supplier for commercial cleaners, facility managers, the hospitality industry, health care and more with the tools and products to clean any commercial environment. In recent years, Abco have become more environmentally conscious about waste from commercial cleaning products and how that is affecting our environment.

Introducing the E-Washroom X: All Surface Washroom Cleaner

Enviroplus have launched the e-Washroom an environmentally friendly all surface cleaner that combines the innovation of biodegradable surfactants and beneficial bacterial strains that actually digest organic debris at the source!

Benefits of the E-Washroom X:

  • Cleans, Refreshes and Eliminates Organic Waste Build-Up
  • Digests Organic Debris at the Source
  • Deodorises by Destroying the Source of Bad Odours
  • Effectively Provides Wetting, Penetrating, Soil Cutting and Anti-Redepositing
  • Naturally Formulated and Non-Toxic!

Washroom Facilities to use e-Washroom X Cleaner:

  • Aged-Care
  • Child Care
  • Shopping Centres
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment Centres
  • Universities and Schools

The E-Washroom is so versatile as a commercial cleaning product that any contract cleaner or facility manager would benefit from investing in this eco-friendly concentrate.

e-Washroom X – Phosphate Free Concentrate

Phosphate in industrial cleaning supplies causes nutrient pollution and feeds algae leading to harmful algal bloom and eutrophication. Cleaning supplies and commercial cleaning equipment carrying phosphate, once used remain in wastewater.

Phosphate free products such as the e-Washroom X eliminates harmful impact on the ecosystem. Industries that can assist to reduce their carbon footprint by using phosphate free cleaning disinfectants include aged care, childcare, shopping centres, hospitals and offices.

How to Use the E-Washroom X Effectively with the Rubix Chemical Free Dispensing System?

Introducing the RUBIX! Designed specifically for the 2.5L X-Range solutions, this auto-dispensing, wall-mounted system ensures there is no product wastage when using the chemical free concentrates, saving time and ensuring contract cleaners are safely diluting solutions.

The Rubix is innovative technology to the cleaning industry ensuring maximum cost-effective business practices are followed whilst empowering the cleaners performing the job day after the day to do their job better.


See how the RUBIX is the next generation of disinfection dispensation and how it could benefit your facility or contract cleaning business.

See how the RUBIX is the next generation of disinfection dispensation and how it could benefit your facility or contract cleaning business.

With branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth Enviroplus Products are able to cater to the needs of our customers including contract cleaners and facility managers in various industries looking to source eco-friendly commercial cleaning supplies. If you are interested in investing in sustainable and affordable green cleaning products that are just as powerful as traditional chemicals please email sales@enviroplusproducts.com.au or call now on 1800 177 399 now to speak to our team on potentially transitioning your facility to these concentrates.

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