Columbus Auto Scrubber Dyers work

How Columbus Auto Scrubber Dyers Save Time & Money For Contract Cleaners & Facility Managers

How the Columbus Autoscrubber Dryers Save Time & Money for Contract Cleaners & Facility Managers Columbus automatic floor scrubbers come in walk-behind and ride-on models that are powered either by cable or battery. With a wide variety of sizes, any contract cleaner or facility manager can find the perfect fit for any facility. The Columbus...
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Degreasers & Grime Removal

The Ultimate Guide To Degreasers & Grime Removal in Commercial Industrial Facilities.

Greasy stains can be a challenge for any commercial contract cleaner. If you are tired of trying to scrub those stains and only ruining the surfaces, then investing in industrial cleaning products such as a great industrial degreaser is a sound investment for any commercial contract cleaning service. What is Degreaser? A degreaser is typically...
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Cleaning Method

Your Handy Guide To Carpet Cleaning & Spotting

Commercial contract cleaners need to ensure that no matter what facility whether it be hospitality, gym, office or any small business, it is important to choose the most versatile but powerful commercial cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals. Carpet stains and damage can be very costly to repair and replace and as a facility manager or...
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TGA Approved Products

TGA Approved Products & Why They Matter for Contract Cleaning Companies

Whether you are choosing industrial cleaning products or eco-friendly sustainable cleaning chemicals, looking for TGA certification is another way to ensure high hygiene safety in any business or facility. As we slowly return to the ‘new normal’ and more people return to their office facilities and regular activities such as the gym, beauty services and...
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Contract Cleaners

Why Contract Cleaners & Facilities Need Floor Scrubbers

Why Contract Cleaners & Facilities Need Floor Scrubbers Sales for floor scrubbers have dramatically increased in recent years due to the innovative technology of cleaning equipment that is changing the game for not only the cleaning industry but for facility management too! Commercial contract cleaners need industrial cleaning products to provide hospital grade cleaning while...
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Toilet Paper

How to Choose the Right Commercial Toilet Paper for Your Facility

The right washroom utilities are cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and user friendly. In high traffic commercial bathrooms such as shopping centre facilities, often the first preference for toilet paper is value for money. For smaller facilities, the first preference may be softness and thickness for maximum comfort. No matter what facility size or preference, ensuring that...
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Hand Towels

Paper Towel Dispensers vs Industrial Air Dryers: Are Your Hands Really Clean?

Covid-19 has made many people question their hygiene practices and if facility managers could do more to ensure a cleaner environment for patrons. One area that has raised many questions is whether public bathrooms in restaurants, shopping centres, gym facilities are really clean or the breeding ground for bacteria. Proper hand hygiene has always been...
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Cleaning Gym Floor

Struggling To Clean Your Gym Floors?

Why Clean Your Gym Floors? A clean gym environment is crucial to maintain membership rates and is the foundation for any great gym reputation. Members of your gym will not want to continue attending a gym that has dirty equipment, floors and has that ‘sweaty gym smell’. While cleaning your gym floors may not sound...
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E Z Viewbanner

Commercial Window Cleaning Supplies & Tips for Your Facility

First Impressions Mean Everything!  Potential customers make their first impression of your business before they walk in the door. If the window is cracked, dirty, or smudged, consumers will automatically link those factors as being unprofessional, unhygienic, and a business to have poor-quality services and products. When it comes down to the core nature of...
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