Powerful Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaner Every Contract Cleaner Needs!

The e-Z-Kleen X is a commercial cleaning concentrate that is part of the Enviroplus X Range, owned and exclusively distributed by Abco Products.

The Enviroplus range is a chemical-free, natural cleaning solution that delivers powerful and lasting results for environmentally conscious cleaners and facility managers across Australia.

Common Problems When Cleaning Floors

There are a few common problems that most contract cleaners or facility managers have faced at one point in time. These include streaky floors, floors that won’t stay clean, sticky floors and the risk of slip, trips and falls.

A few causes could be:

1. Using Too Much Chemical

Using more chemical then directed is not the way to clean your floors – it will lead to streaky and dirty-looking floors. Likewise if you feel like the product you are using is not providing a deep enough clean then perhaps you need to reconsider the product you are using particularly if it is not concentrated or specifically for hard surfaces or floors.


2. Using a dirty mop

This seems like an obvious one, but it is hard to tell with some mops just how clean they really are. For a floor to really be clean, a standard cotton head mop can be a disadvantage when it comes to trapping soils and spreading dirt.

A great option is the i-Mop an all in one scrubber dryer that cleans floors in minutes leaving no residue or wet floors behind.


3. Toxic Residue Damaging Your Floors

Some chemicals particularly some ready-to-use chemicals can have some toxic qualities and chemicals within that can damage your floors particularly if the products are not suitable for your floors e.g. some chemicals that suit tile may not work on timber or carpet as effectively.


4. Poor Soil Recovery

Professional cleaners and facility managers will often use automatic floor scrubbers or deep cleaning dry vacuums to be sure all residue is removed from the floors because often some cleaning processes only spread the soil rather than clean it properly.

Check out Abco’s Range of Floor Scrubbers & Dry Vacuums

Introducing the e-z-Kleen X: Hard Surface & Floor Cleaner

e-Z-Kleen X is an industrial and natural hard surface and floor cleaner.

The e-Z-Kleen X is innovation at its finest with natural enzymes and eco-friendly active surfactants providing a chemical-free deep cleaning concentrate for hard floor surfaces. 

The Benefits of the e-Z-Kleen:

  • Biodegradable with natural enzymes and eco-friendly surfactants, decomposition of organic waste and septic safe!
  • pH Neutral and safe for all floor surfaces!
  • Reduces cleaning hazards with less slippery floors!
  • Fast, enzymatic action to cut through grease!
  • VOC Free! Carbon neutral, plant-derived solvent!
  • Concentrated formula = cost-effective cleaner!

Any commercial cleaning services would benefit from reducing their commercial waste footprint and this product is compatible with any floor scrubber. The e-z-Kleen can be used where grease, thick oily stains and soil is on floor surfaces such as:

Facilities to Use e-Z-Kleen X:

  • Hospitality Industry
  • Health Services
  • Gym Management
  • Property Management
  • Offices
  • Shopping Centres
  • Child Care
  • Aged Care
  • Entertainment / SCGs

Having a non-toxic products range of concentrate cleaners is beneficial for any company focused on the well-being of their stakeholders, clients, customers, employees.

Why should Commercial Cleaning Companies invest in an Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaner Concentrate?

Investing in concentrated cleaning supplies such as e-z-Kleen commercial floor cleaner provides the following benefits:

  • Cost-Effective: Concentrates are ideally a more cost-effective alternative than ready to use cleaning products for contract cleaners and facility managers due to the concentrate allowing for very little product to have to be used with dilution.
  • Diverse:e-Z-Kleen X hard surface and commercial floor cleaner are pH neutral and safe to use on all floor surfaces such as concrete, wood, tiles, etc. The e-z-Kleen is diverse as it can be used in conjunction with automatic floor scrubbers or traditional mops.


  • Reduce Waste – A primary focus of Enviroplus and the X Range Concentrates is to minimise the overall commercial waste impact on the environment. One of the greatest advantages of e-Z-Kleen X is that it is carbon neutral and an eco-friendly plant-derived solvent. This means that this product does not represent a significant threat to the environment.


  • GECA Certified – The e-Z-Kleen X is GECA Certified which means that this product is better for the environment and reduces the impact on human health.

Are Eco-Friendly Products as Powerful as traditional Chemicals?

More facility managers and contract cleaners are switching to sustainable organic commercial cleaning products as they are cost-effective and just as powerful as other non-eco-friendly chemicals on the market.

Why is the e-Z Kleen X is the best floor cleaner for any contract cleaner? With a combination of natural active enzymes & surfactants, any hard surface and floor receive a deep chemical-free deep clean.

How to Use the e-Z-Kleen X Effectively with the Rubix Chemical Free Dispensing System?

Introducing the RUBIX! Designed specifically for the 2.5L X-Range solutions, this auto-dispensing, wall-mounted system ensures there is no product wastage when using the chemical-free concentrates, saving time, and ensuring contract cleaners are safely diluting solutions.


See how the RUBIX is the next generation of disinfection dispensation and how it could benefit your facility or contract cleaning business.

When it comes to choosing commercial cleaning supplies, Abco Products provide a wide range of products to suit any commercial cleaning company, facility manager or domestic household! With branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth Enviroplus Products can cater to the needs of our customers including contract cleaners and facility managers in various industries looking to source eco-friendly commercial cleaning supplies. Contact us today on 1800 177 399 and register online to enquire about our range today!



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