General Cleaning

Cleaning Materials

There are many different variety of cloths which are used  for performing various cleaning activities like wet and dry cleaning, dusting, scrubbing, glass cleaning and much more. Cloths can be colour coded to ensure that the right cloths are used in the correct environment and its important that staff are well trained on selecting and using different types of cloths for specific type of cleaning.

Brushware and Brooms

 We stock a variety of brooms and brushware at affordable prices. From indoor brooms and carpet sweepers to outdoor brooms, deck scrubs, cobweb brooms and dustpans, we offer various commercial cleaning products for maintaining hygiene at your bars, clubs and hotels. Ideal for sweeping indoor and outdoor spaces, these brooms and brushes are made from high-quality materials like plastic for a durable use. They include premium-grade bristles, which are suitable for sweeping the floor hygienically. These brooms and mops are also easy to operate and maintain.


From busy kitchens to school hallways, mops are the simple and effective way to keeping floors sparkling clean. Mops are essential for keeping hard floors clean for each business day, no matter what type of flooring of facility. Mops have evolved from the simple cotton string mop to include microfiber materials, in both string mop and flat mop applications. Their handles and parts are more lightweight and ergonomically designed, and parts can be replaced more easily than before.

General Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals are vital to maintain clean and hygienic environments in residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Some of the common types of commercial cleaning chemicals are strong alkali, medium alkali, mild alkali, strong acids, solvents and soaps and detergents. These chemicals are commercial cleaning products developed using scientific procedures to improve the efficiency of varied cleaning tasks. We offer a varied range of chemicals which may include liquid cleaners, degreasers, strippers, detergent, hard surface cleaners, floor treatment& protection, floor preparation, floor maintenance, carpet care, hand wash etc.

Equipment and Accessories

Pick from our range of high-quality cleaning buckets at affordable prices. We provide wringer buckets to general purpose buckets for deep cleaning. The right bucket is essential to maintaining facilities and businesses and ensure you do the most efficient clean.

Chemical Dispensing Systems