Meet Neo

The smartest, purpose-built commercial floor cleaning robot

A combination of best-in-class technology, innovative product design, and comprehensive support translates into compelling benefits. Neo is the future of floor cleaning – a robot purpose-built from the ground up, that seamlessly integrates into your cleaning team to deliver best-in-class features and maximum productivity.

Increase Productivity

Best-in-class navigation, water tank capacity, and run times result in unsurpassed floor cleaning productivity

Increase Profitability

Neo frees your cleaning staff to focus on other value-added, higher margin services, and allows you to clean more without the need for more resources

Support Workforce

By handling repetitive and tedious tasks, Neo reduces fatigue, errors and injuries for your workforce, while creating opportunities to enhance job satisfaction.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Management and customers will be impressed with consistent and enhanced cleaning service, along with greater visibility into operations.

Improve Your Image

Neo keeps your business on the cutting edge of technology. By highlighting your commitment to innovation, everyone will know that you’re an industry leader