Specialist Equipment

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Looking for specialist cleaning equipment?

Abco Products has been in this business for 20 years and supply the most reliable specialist cleaning machines including being a reseller for the i-team products.

These i-team products include the:  


The i-air specialist cleaning machine is a freestanding unit providing merv19 rated pure air to help improve indoor air quality.

The i-air PRO improves indoor air quality by filtering out the solid contaminants, breaking down all VOC’s and neutralising all living harmful microbes.Low power consumption and use of long lifespan filters, reduces waste. The i-air significantly reduces airborne VOC’s and other contaminants.


The i-gum is a fast gum removal machine that dissolves chewing gum in seconds.

No need for time-consuming setup and cordoning off areas. With the i-gum, 6 seconds is all it takes to safely dissolve gum and make your surfaces clean again. With high power rechargeable batteries, you can quickly remove gum anywhere with no additional external power source required.

No water or power connection is required for i-gum operation. The i-gum uses just the correct amount of pre-diluted detergent to dissolve gum. Compare this with the massive water volumes and run off from high pressure water blasting, a common gum removal technique. I-gum supports any organisations environmental strategies.

The i-gum gum removing machine has been designed for easy portability with inbuilt handle and transport wheels as well as backpack option, ensuring the gum removal method is safer. No dangerous cables, hoses or surfaces covered in water, reducing slip and fall risks and eliminating electrocution risks. No high-pressure explosive gas canisters like other gum removal machines. And no heat present or dangerous fumes when working with the i-gum.

i-Know Kit:

The cleaning measurement tools in the i-know kit make the invisible visible through scientifically proving the effectiveness of the cleaning process. The collected data gives you rapid insights you can act on to make future cleaning operations more efficient. With i-know, it only takes around 1 minute to measure dirt levels on a surface.

The i-know kit allows you to begin monitoring cleanliness. Use ATP testing to perform checks after cleaning to ensure surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly. Or perform before and after tests to prove your cleaning process effectiveness to your clients. And when you need to measure how glossy a floor is, The i-know gloss meter gives instant readings of floor appearance and gloss levels.

The i-know kit also has a slip testing machine as unsafe floors with unacceptable slip levels are often a result of the floor cleaning process. Slips and falls pose a high risk of major injury and compensation claims. When you monitor your floor slip levels with the i-know slip testing machine, you take a significant step in reducing your risk exposure. In addition, by testing how slippery a floor is you gain valuable insights that can help optimise your cleaning process to prevent slip accidents and costly litigation.

Abco Products continues to be the leader in cleaning equipment solution provider. We have employed the most well trained staffs who are ready to assist you with any queries that might arise. We also have sales and service outlets in major cities across the country for easy access to our services.