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On average, people spend 90% of their time indoors. In the buildings in which we work, eat and sleep, studies have shown that the quality of indoor air is up to 5 to 10 times worse than normal outdoor air! This means that when indoors we are exposed to a large number of airborne contaminants every day, having an immeasurable effect on individual wellbeing and productivity. In an increasingly health and socially conscious world it is crucial that more attention is paid to ensuring indoor spaces have cleaner, healthier air.

The i-air PRO was designed with this requirement in mind: A new generation high capacity air purification device produced for medium to large spaces. This powerful unit is the only stand-alone unit designed for large areas of up to 500 square meters and delivering MERV19 rated air quality. The power of this air cleaning machine makes it suitable for areas such as commercial offices, medical clinics, schools, hotels, restaurants and more.

Power requirement – 110/230V 50/60Hz
Energy Consumption – Low 203W, Medium 210W, High 236W, Max 250W
Dimensions – 1273x684x334 mm
Fan motor – DC 12V, long lifespan, non-stop use OK
Control Panel – 20 character, 4-line LCD display encoder
Air output (Low-Max) – 200-600m3/h
Housing material – Metal
Noise Level, 4 fan speeds – Low 32dB, Medium 52dB, High 56 db, Max 61dB
EN 1822 filter classification – HEPA E12 ≥99,967% EPA E12 ≥99,900%
Main HEPA filter life – Up to 24 months, with 24/7 operation, depends on PM contamination level
PM particle filtration at ≥0,2μ (H14) – ≥99,999%
VOC reduction (TVOC) – ≥95-97%
Microbiological contamination reduction level – ≥99,9999%
Output air quality, Merv standard – Merv 19
Recommended room size – 250-500m2, depending on air contamination level
Max room size – Up to 500m2
Neutralization chamber – Self-cleaning, long life, maintenance free 48 months (standard working mode, no boost function used)
Fan speed settings – 4

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