No need for time-consuming setup and cordoning off areas. With the i-gum, 6 seconds is all it takes to safely dissolve gum and make your surfaces clean again. With high power rechargeable batteries, you can quickly remove gum anywhere with no additional external power source required.

The i-gum gum removing machine has been designed for easy portability with inbuilt handle and transport wheels as well as backpack option, ensuring the gum removal method is safer. No dangerous cables, hoses or surfaces covered in water, reducing slip and fall risks and eliminating electrocution risks. No high-pressure explosive gas cannisters like other gum removal machines. And no heat present or dangerous fumes when working with the i-gum.

Weight excl batteries – 9.4 kg
Size body (l x w x h) – 34.7 x 33 x 50 cm
Size with lance (l x w x h) – 34.7 x 33 x 113 cm
Gas capacity – 2.6 kg/h
Tank capacity – 2.5 L
Ignition battery Li-ion – i-power 7 battery
Runtime – 8 hours on 2 gas cannisters & 1 fully charged battery

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