i-Know Kit


The cleaning measurement tools in the i-know kit make the invisible visible through scientifically proving the effectiveness of the cleaning process. The collected data gives you rapid insights you can act on to make future cleaning operations more efficient. With i-know, it only takes around 1 minute to measure dirt levels on a surface.

The i-know kit allows you to begin monitoring cleanliness. Use ATP testing to perform checks after cleaning to ensure surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly. Or perform before and after tests to prove your cleaning process effectiveness to your clients. And when you need to measure how glossy a floor is, The i-know glossmeter gives instant readings of floor appearance and gloss levels.

Knowledge is power. The i-know kit empowers you with a range of data to get objective feedback on the quality of your cleaning processes. When you implement hygiene monitoring in your cleaning routine you empower with your cleaning staff to achieve consistent results, knowing the cleaning thoroughness be measured. What gets measured gets managed.

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