Why Clean Your Gym Floors?

A clean gym environment is crucial to maintain membership rates and is the foundation for any great gym reputation. Members of your gym will not want to continue attending a gym that has dirty equipment, floors and has that ‘sweaty gym smell’. While cleaning your gym floors may not sound like a priority, a lot of traffic in and out of your gym will create dirt, grime as well as wear away at your gym floors.

Good high-quality gym flooring is not cheap and it is important to protect those investments. Similarly, the health of your gym members should be a top priority and if your gym floors are not properly cleaned regularly, bacteria can build up and can create gunk which will make your gym floors a slip and health hazard as well as smell mouldy and sweaty.

As a contract cleaner for a gym facility, it is important that you have high-quality commercial cleaning supplies that are going to deliver results without making a big dent in your budget. This is where multi-purpose equipment like scrubber-dryers as well as concentrated commercial cleaning chemicals are a great long term investment.

So how do you properly clean your gym floors?

How To Clean Gym Floors:

Determine the type

Before diving into the next cleaning tips, it’s important to take note of which type of material you’re working with. Do you have tile, rubber flooring or something else? The type of commercial cleaning equipment and products that you use are dependent on what type of facility flooring you have.

As a contract cleaner, you often have a wide variety of facilities that range from offices, industrial, hospitals, restaurants and gyms that you need to cater for which is why investing in multi-purpose and pH neutral products is a smart choice to reduce expenses.

Tile / Hard Surface

If you have tiled flooring all you need is a high-quality mop or floor scrubbers like the i-Mop Lite and a speciality floor cleaner. While bleach might sound like a ‘good idea’ it is important that when cleaning for a facility that caters for many different people that you choose a product as neutral and safe as possible while still delivering a great clean.

Why? Because the last thing a facility manager needs is members feeling overwhelmed by a ‘chemical’ or ‘bleach’ smell or skin reaction. The e-Z-Kleen is a great option for facility managers who are looking for a hard surface environmentally friendly and powerful floor cleaner.


Rubber gym flooring is a great option as it can absorb strong impact, vibration and noise. Taking care of a great investment like rubber flooring is crucial to extending the lifetime of your floors as well as elevate the reputation of your gym.

The best cleaning agents to use for these floors are pH neutral cleaners such as the e-Z-Kleen x which is a concentrated formula meaning it’s a fantastic cost-effective cleaner.

 Benefits of the e-Z-Kleen X:

–       pH Neutral and Safe for All surfaces

–       reduce cleaning hazards with less slippery floors

–       fast, enzymatic action to act through grease

–       VOC free, carbon-neutral plant-derived solvent

–       Cost-effective concentrated formula

Mop vs. Multiwash:

Traditional mop and bucket technique can be time-consuming and a little more complex compared to the simplicity of the Multiwash. With a mop and bucket, you need to ensure that it is not a cotton mop head and can only be damp, not dripping wet and requires rinsing and air drying that is time-consuming.

The Multiwash 34CM Battery Scrubber is an all-purpose scrubber dryer with a 4-litre tank and a 34cm cleaning width however there are many sizes and widths to choose from. We have a corded Multiwash and also a battery version to suit your facility needs!

 The Benefits of the Multiwash:

–       Cost-effective and efficient!

–       Eco-friendly machine perfect for small area maintenance scrubbing

–       Battery operated means no trip hazards with no power cables

–       Low moisture all surface cleaning device which works on all surfaces meaning if your facility has carpet, tile or hard floor or even rubber it’s a fantastic option!

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are bacteria, builders! They have sweat, tears, dead skin and dirt build-up from frequent use! Luckily there is a really easy way to clean them! Simply ensure that you have a great anti-bacterial disinfectant that is safe for use and naturally powerful to ensure you don’t do any damage to your yoga mat or members skin.

A great option is the e-Guard X which Is a concentrated disinfect meaning its super cost-effective and a little goes a long way. Pair this with basic paper towels to wipe off excess and you have a perfectly clean matt after each use.

Benefits of the e-Guard x:

–       Kills 99.999% of Bacteria

–       Cleans sanitises and removes unpleasant odours

–       Leaves surface sparkling clean, odour free and protected

–       The non-toxic solution that is bio-degradable and natural disinfectant.

No matter which gym floor and equipment you are cleaning, it is important to invest in innovative products that are efficient, cost-effective and multi-purpose in order to deliver great results long term and maintaining the integrity of the floors across various facilities.

Abco Products – your local supplier of commercial cleaning supplies in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney – can help you find the perfect environmentally sustainable cleaning products, industrial cleaning supplies and commercial cleaning equipment. For information about our commercial cleaning supplies solutions, please call us on 1800 177 399.


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