The ORBOT SLiM -The Future Of Orbital Technology in the Cleaning Industry

The ORBOT SLiM is the new revolutionary compact machine for professional deep floor cleaning with powerful orbital technology and robust features perfect for the contract cleaner.

The ORBOT SLiM is the future of industrial floor scrubbing with its multi-purpose user-friendly functionality, cleaning floor surfaces like carpets, concrete, epoxy, stone, tile & grout, vinyl, wood, rubber and more!

This state-of-the-art oscillating pad machine is built to impress and made for the contract cleaner to make their life easier and their facility floors cleaner.

What is ORBOT SLiM?

The ORBOT SLiM is a smaller lightweight floor scrubber that is capable of powerful agitation that delivers superior results in professional deep cleaning.

With its free-floating 11″ base, the ORBOT SLiM provides 100% contact on all floor surfaces with transport wheels that are chemical-resistant and non-marking.

The floor scrubber has a DC Motor with 36V, 3000 RPMs, this ORBOT SLiM is not only incredibly powerful but made industry tough!

The quick-change solution tank holds 2.84L capacity, ensuring that contract cleaners are not only efficient but are providing a superior clean.

The Lithium-ion Battery (36V) runs or up to 45 minutes coupled with a Hybrid Power Cord Converter, contract cleaners can easily switch between AC or Lithium-ion power supply!

How to Use the ORBOT SLiM?

The ORBOT SLiM is incredibly user friendly with a handy lever free on/off switch ensuring continuous hands-free power. Coupled with LED lights, this ORBOT SLiM is powerful and easy to use in even low-level lighting.

The wheel kit improves manoeuvrability which reduces operator fatigue and provides additional lift handle for user-friendly functionality.

Watch the video below to see the ORBOT SLiM floor scrubber in action.

What Floors Can the ORBOT SLiM Clean?

The ORBOT SLiM works on virtually every floor-type, one machine for ALL floors! This floor scrubber removes the need for multiple mops and cleaning equipment with its power and diverse capabilities. With the appropriate cleaning chemicals, the Orbot Slim can clean any floor surface, perfect for infection prevention including:

Cleaning carpets, concrete, epoxy, stone, tile and grout, vinyl, wood, rubber and more! The possibilities are endless when it comes to industrial floor cleaning. As dirt and bacteria particles can get trapped within floor surfaces like carpets and even in mops, the Orbot Slim agitates the floor surface and by using the spray switch, detergents and water can be easily applied to floor surfaces simultaneously!

Who Would Benefit from using the ORBOT SLiM?

The ORBOT SLiM is the future of not only office cleaning but restaurant cleaning, workplace cleaning and facility management.

Contract cleaning services and facility managers looking for deeper disinfection and clean of their floors or carpets would benefit from the power and efficiency of the ORBOT SLiM!

From gym floors, commercial kitchens to hotel lobby the ORBOT SLiM floor scrubber is a compact machine that removes the need for multiple pieces of cleaning equipment for floors or carpets. The best cleaning products that would work for the ORBOT SLiM are found at ABCO

Hear what our customers have to say about the ORBOT SLiM:

“Thought that I would let you know how impressed I am with your ORBOT. Some of the really outstanding features are the EASE of operation and manoeuvrability is a real bonus. In some cases, it is advantageous that the handle can actually fold down. The ability to run a variety of cleaning bonnets and pads allows one to choose the exact pad or bonnet for any particular job or carpet style. It is an excellent scrubber for doing tile and grout cleaning. For cleaning up after grout colour sealing, it is the ultimate. The fact that the ORBOT does not look like a typical floor polisher is an advantage of doing encapsulation carpet cleaning in homes. A lot of homeowners may have had the so-called dry cleaning on their carpets with poor results. So they are very wary about anyone coming into their house with a piece of equipment that looks like a floor polisher or scrubber. They think that you are going to dry clean as well. The ORBOT NEVER gets mistaken for a scrubber or polisher in the mind of the homeowner. They certainly look different. The look and built quality is excellent.”

Gary Bethel – PowerClean Industries Australia


“The ORBOT is breaking the tradition of conventional floor cleaning machines as it has a multitude of factors, which make this machine advanced, starting with the orbital technology, which is behind the unique cleaning effect of the machine. A unique design provides a powerful form of vibration that generates an increased level of agitation, which is the principal factor for delivering superior results in all professional cleaning, scrubbing, grinding, stripping and polishing applications. The meticulous engineering of the Orbot incorporates a patented drive system that combines two mechanical motions in one, orbital and rotational. This unique design provides a powerful form of vibration that generates an increased level of agitation, which is the principal factor for delivering superior results in all professional cleaning methods.”

Tatjana Ahmed – Housekeeping Manager, Grand Hyatt 

WATCH: How Kim Keeps Her Commercial Kitchen Facility Clean Using the ORBOT SLiM!

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