The Ultimate Guide To Degreasers & Grime Removal in Commercial Industrial Facilities.

Greasy stains can be a challenge for any commercial contract cleaner. If you are tired of trying to scrub those stains and only ruining the surfaces, then investing in industrial cleaning products such as a great industrial degreaser is a sound investment for any commercial contract cleaning service.

What is Degreaser?

A degreaser is typically a commercial cleaning chemical concentrate product that is effective at removing grease and grime on machinery, equipment, floors, and surfaces. Many industrial cleaning services invest in high-quality cleaning machines and chemicals to suit a variety of facilities for long term solutions to your cleaning needs. There are some degreasers that are water-based, biodegradable and chemical-free.

Types of Soiling and the Impact on Degreaser Choice

There are 3 different types of soiling to consider, Organic, Inorganic and Mixed Soils.

  • Organic Soils: Derived from living material, this includes oils, grease, fats and protein.
  • Inorganic Soils: Minerals, dirt, rust, scale and clay.
  • Mixed Soils: Is any combination of inorganic and organic materials.

It is important to ensure you know what kind of soils you are most likely to encounter in your facility, whether that be organic, inorganic or mixed. If you’re looking for a degreaser that going to be tough on stains but less harmful to the environment, have a look at the Enviroplus range of degreasers, its a great option and cost-effective in a concentrated formula.

When to Use a Cleaner or Degreaser:

1. Analyse the Soil Type

Degreasers are designed to break up grease for easy removal. However, they are often more abrasive than a typical all-purpose cleaner. Heavily soiled areas that cannot be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner call for a degreaser. A versatile but heavy-duty degreaser that is safe on most surfaces and soils is the e-Magiclean HD Degreaser!

2. What is the Surface Type?

Certain surfaces like plastic, glass, metal or painted wood may be better served with an all-purpose or multi-surface cleaner with a neutral pH. Some painted surfaces can be ruined with the wrong degreaser or the wrong dilution ratio.

Have a look at our table below to see surface compatibility for a wide variety of degreasers!

Chemical Product

Available Sizes Concentrated Surface Compatibility Key Features Dilution Rate
e-Degrease Plus


5L, 20L & 1000L Ideal for Boats, Cranes, Oil Rigs and Heavy Machinery
  • Industrial Strength Degreaser
  • Dilute with Fresh or Seawater
  • Safe on Painted Surfaces
  • Biodegradable
  • CEFAS Approved Degreaser
Oil Dispersant & Drilling Floor» 1:5

Cutting Wash Systems » 1:10

General Cleaning» 1:10

High-Pressure Systems» 1:80

e-Magiclean HD Degreaser


20L, 200L & 1000L Safe on Most Surfaces
  • Surface Safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Activated Ingredients
  • Citrus Scent
Heavy Duty» 1:10

Allow 5-10 minutes, scrub, and rinse after use.

Cleanmax Tile & Grout Degreaser


5L & 15L Ideal on Tiles, Grout and Concrete Floors
  • Quickly Penetrates Dirt, Grease & Oil
  • Rinses Easily & Quickly
  • Economical Formula
Heavy Soils» 1:10 to 1:20

General Purpose» 1:50

Maintenance» 1:100

High-Pressure Cleaners » 1:20

Cleanmax HD Cleaner


5L & 25L Not recommended for aluminium or galvanised surfaces. Apply with caution on painted surfaces.
  • Powerful water-based degreaser
  • Super concentrated
  • Tough on Grease
  • Multi-Purpose
Mopping Solution» 1:100

Medium Duty» 1:50

Heavy Duty» 1:10

E Z Kleen Degreaser


5L & 20L Perfect for restaurants, roadhouses, ablution blocks, factories, municipal councils & kitchens
  • Eco-Friendly Surfactants & Biodegradable
  • Septic Safe
  • Industrial Strength, Concentrated Cleaner
  • Totally Eco-Safe & Powerful Enzymatic Action
  • GECA Approved
Medium Duty» 1:50
E-Power x


1L & 2.5L Safe on stone, concrete, and grout surfaces
  • Versatile Cleaner for All Hard Surfaces
  • Totally Eco-Safe & Biodegradable
  • Innovative Cleaning Technology
  • Ultimate Penetration of Grease & Oils
  • Naturally Formulated with Nano Emulsification
Heavy Duty» 1:20 to 1:10

Medium Duty» 1:50

Maintenance» 1:100 to 1:150

Break Up Foaming Kitchen Degreaser


5L Ideal for use in butcher shops, bakeries, delicatessens, produce departments, restaurants, washrooms, institutional kitchens, and food processing plants
  • High Foaming, Grease Cutting Cleaner
  • Quickly and Effectively Removes Fat, Grease, Dirt and Soap Scum
  • Non-Perfumed
  • Multi-Purpose
Heavy Soils» 1:50

General Cleaning» 1:20

Chemform Envirogreen HD Degreaser


5L Perfect for aluminium filters, equipment, hoods, high pressure washes, spray and wipe cleaning, tiled floors and workshop floors
  • Versatile
  • Super Effective on all soils
  • Safe Underground
  • Cost-Effective
  • Not Recommended for General Purpose Washing of Glass or Duco

Degreasing» 100-300ml/ L of Water

Pressure Washing» 10 – 50ml/ L of Water

General Cleaning» 20 – 40ml/ L of Water


3. What is the Equipment Type?

Large or heavy equipment that can’t be moved may benefit from a foaming degreaser for longer contact time.

Concrete: Concrete can be very difficult to clean due to its porousness. Concrete degreasers are alkaline cleaners used to remove oil, grease, and hydrocarbon-based stains. Moderate applications usually require dilution while heavy stains will not with old or stubborn stains requiring multiple wash applications.

Cleanmax Tile & Grout Degreaser and the e-Power X are perfect for penetrating dirt, grease & oil. These degreasers are also ideal on tile, grout and concrete!


Kitchens:  Grease, oil splatter, grime and baked-on food stains are all challenging to remove for a kitchen hand. If possible, consider a commercial contract cleaning service to handle all of your kitchen cleaning needs. It not only saves time but the energy and efforts of your employees. Kitchen contract cleaners likewise come prepared with their own tried and tested degreasers; however, if a contract cleaning company is not an option, you can always buy your own degreaser!

A couple of great options are the Break Up Foaming Kitchen Degreaser and the e-Z Kleen Degreaser, the e-Z Kleen Degreaser is perfect for restaurants, kitchens and roadhouses with its eco-friendly surfactants & biodegradable and its completely septic safe!


Transportation: Nothing is more damaging and difficult to handle than grease builds up in an engine or any other section of your transportation. Carbon stains, magnetic road film, engine and hydraulic grease, and other surfactants not only affect the operation of vehicles and equipment but the safety of employees as well.

A great option for cleaning those tough stains are the e-Degrease Plus and Chemfoam Envirogreen HD Degreaser


Machinery: Keeping your boats, cranes and oil rigs clean can be a challenging task without the proper degreaser. The same applies to heavy machinery. If the wrong degreaser is selected, it can not only strip paint but if your degreasing a boat, the chemicals could damage the environment in the sea. Look for a degreaser with a CEFAS Approval Certification.

For a versatile degreaser perfect for your machinery and isn’t harmful to the environment, e-Degrease Plus is a fantastic option and completely CEFAS Approved!

4. What safety issues need to be considered?

In order to avoid hazards such as slip, trips and falls, ensure that when you do use degreasers on floor surfaces, place the appropriate signs and mark where the slippery space is.

When it comes to environmental safety and concerns, opt for a degreaser that is either biodegradable, CEFAS approved or septic safe! These degreasers are just as good as the standard degreasers without the harmful chemical impact.

Tips for Using a Degreaser:

–      Do not mix degreasers with other chemical cleaning agents like bleach, acids, caustics, and ammonia

–      If you are using chemical-based solvents, make sure you wear the appropriate PPE

–      Make sure you understand what surfaces the degreaser you buy is compatible with

–      Follow the dilution ratio appropriately

–      opt for environmentally friendly products particularly those that reduce your environmental impact.


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