Why Contract Cleaners & Facilities Need Floor Scrubbers

Why Contract Cleaners & Facilities Need Floor Scrubbers

Sales for floor scrubbers have dramatically increased in recent years due to the innovative technology of cleaning equipment that is changing the game for not only the cleaning industry but for facility management too! Commercial contract cleaners need industrial cleaning products to provide hospital grade cleaning while COVID-19 continues to bring into question just how clean facilities are. Most industrial cleaning services include office cleaning with a high focus on touchpoints but what about the bacteria and grime that builds up on your floors?

What are the benefits of a scrubber compared to a mop?

Whether you are a facility manager, contract cleaner or a business owner, it is important to understand before you invest in industrial cleaning supplies what the benefits are going to be and how that will affect business.

1.   Reduce Risk of Injury:

Clean floors in any work environment or facility is a basic essential for accident prevention and higher productivity.

Safe Work Australia released a report ‘Slips, Trips and Falls’ that details preventable injuries caused by slippery surfaces and poorly maintained walkways. When considering the 23% of serious claims that have occurred from employees with injuries from work, investing in ensuring a clean and safe workplace is essential.

Scrubbers ensure that the floor surfaces are not only thoroughly cleaned but ensure a safer workplace with its fast-drying time and limited water use. The reduced amount of water is not only eco-friendly but beneficial for water costs and the safety of workers and customers. This is particularly important in the hospitality industry and health care! The Columbus RA35K automatic floor scrubber is ideal for use in small congested spaces with a recovery tank that is removable for easy cleaning and disinfecting.

2.   No Mop Bacteria or Lingering Dirt

If you are serious about ensuring clean floors, then a commercial cleaning machine might be the right choice for your facility! Mops can make a floor appear clean but lingering bacteria and dirt can grow in the strands of mops and be redistributed across your floors.

For over 20 years Abco Products have provided facility managers and cleaners with powerful commercial cleaning equipment but also with the cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and compatible with equipment to empower cleaners and the community with safe and healthy workplaces. See our range of medium size Columbus floor scrubbers, tough, German-made and built to last these floor scrubbers are powerful deep cleaning machines.

3.   Return on Investment

While investing in a floor scrubber may appear financially costly to start with, it is important to consider the long-term benefits. Not only will a floor scrubber provide a high-quality industrial cleaner that commercial cleaners can be proud of but will result in less injury and muscle strain.

Where different mops suit different work environments and floor surfaces, the right multipurpose scrubber can do all floors and surfaces without needing continual replacements. The money that is saved for restaurants that have a high mop turn over (mop heads falling off and for hygiene reasons) a smaller floor scrubber is a smart investment.

Think smartly, buy Abco products and make your life easier and healthy. Our commercial floor scrubbers are an excellent investment to any cleaning business or facility management.

4.   Floors Dry Quicker

The use of less water means that the floors will barely be slippery, which means fewer people are likely to fall, injure themselves, and look for compensation. Floors that dry faster mean fewer time employees or contract cleaners need to spend cleaning minimising back and knee pain.

5.   Higher Efficiency and Capacity

Needless to say, the commercial scrubbers have a way higher capacity than a bucket. Not only do these scrubbers use the water in the tanks more effectively but the cleaning solutions added to the tank ensure their effective use.

Its obvious scrubbers are more efficient than mopping, as they use less water. There are also other ways they can be cost-effective: these machines can easily (and without the need of any extra scrubbing or product) remove grime, grease, and dirt. By spraying the cleaning mixture from its jets onto the floors, the result will be the best in the least time possible.

Even small walk-behind auto scrubbers can clean as much as 20 times faster and more efficiently than traditional mops and buckets.

6.   Less Effort

Scrubbers are automated machines where all you have to do is pretty much turn them on and let them do their magic. Scrubbers come in a vast range of power and accessibility from ride on to push behinds. Less effort spent on cleaning floors means that other tasks can be completed more efficiently with minimal stress on the joints of cleaners, facility managers and employees.

Which Companies or Facilities Would Benefit from a Floor Scrubber?

Commercial cleaning chemicals and equipment would benefit any facility or contract cleaner but with scrubbers that are dynamic and small enough for any office and cafe, it’s now easier than ever to have a clean workspace.

From big business to small every facility could benefit from sparkling clean floors using the Scrubbers available at Abco Products.

Small Space Scrubbers:

These Scrubbers would best suit smaller offices, restaurants, cafes and even gyms with the SureScrub Multiwash 240!

Larger Space Scrubbers:

These Scrubbers are perfect for your larger facilities such as hospitals, corporate offices, schools and shopping centres!

Abco Products – your local supplier of commercial cleaning supplies in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney – we have been providing contract cleaners and facility manager with environmentally sustainable cleaning products, powerful industrial cleaning supplies and commercial cleaning equipment for over 20 years. For information about our commercial cleaning machinery, please call us on 1800 177 399 or email us on sales@abcopro.com.au.

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