Chemical Handling


The J-Fill® QuattroSelect® chemical dispensing system is a wall-mounted dispenser that accurately dispenses four products into bottles, buckets or floor care machines. The J-Fill® platform is safer, more reliable, more accurate, and more sustainable than any other chemical dispensing system in the industry

  • All four products can be dispensed into bottles, buckets or floor care machines
  • Simple and easy to operate with one hand filling of a bottle or using the hose to fill a bucket
  • The J-Fill® dispensing system uses pre-tipped bottles to ensure dilution accuracy and cost control
  • The J-Fill® dispensing system is a close-looped system which virtually eliminates anyone from coming into contact with chemical concentrate
  • The dispenser has two doors that are lockable to prevent theft or mis-use of chemicals
  • Meets ASSE 1055-B back-flow prevention requirements

J-Flex Dispensing System

The portable J-Flex system provides a rapid dilution system for smaller sites, where one or two cleaning products are used on a wide basis.With connection to a water supply,the patented J-Flex bottle and dilution system, provides an automatic dispensing service.

The J-Flex system makes under-or over-dosing a problem of the past, ensuring that your cleaning solutions are perfect for the task in hand as well as cutting product wastage.

In line with Diversey’s commitment to the environment, J-Flex will drastically cut the transport and packaging waste associated with traditional products. In addition, the systems concentrate bottles are smaller and lighter than standard concentrates packaging, reducing health and safety issues and making life easier for your staff.