Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

Today, the toilet paper industry is very large. There are many factories, that are manufacturing different types of toilet paper. Toilet paper can differentiate by cost, style, size, color and softness.

There are two categories of toilet papers,toilet paper made from trees, and toilet paper made from recycled paper. Quality is determined by the number of plies. Toilet paper usually can be one or two-ply, but toilet paper is made of one to four layers of thin paper. One ply toilet paper has a single sheet and is known as a budget option. Two ply tissue means that there are two layers bonded together. In general two ply toilet paper is more expensive than one ply but the most common. The style of toilet paper usually refers to how it is wound onto a roll and the size of the roll. Three main types of toilet paper rolls are: standard, jumbo, and jumbo junior.


Product Feature

Toilet Tissue

An economical toilet tissue for everyday use, individually wrapped rolls for greater hygiene, made from 100% HPC recycled paper.

Superior quality premium grade extra white virgin paper toilet tissue, great value for money with 2 PLY thickness and embossing for extra softness.

The Ultimate luxury toilet tissue, individually wrapped and embossed for extra softness. Made with premium grade extra white virgin paper. 

Enviroplus Bioactive Toilet Paper

Enviroplus Bioactive® Toilet Paper delivers unprecedented
innovation through the incorporation of internationally patented
BATP® technology. BATP® consists of a synergy of five natural
microorganisms, safe for personal use and the environment. The
microorganisms only activate when in contact with water, and
produce enzymes that biodegrade encrustations and organic
substances present in pipes and sewage system.

»»Enzymes are activated when in contact with water 
»»PEFC™ certified paper 
»»Treated with 100% naturally occuring, eco-friendly, non-pathogenic microorganisms 
»»no unpleasant odours