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Comac produces a complete range of scrubbing machines that enables you to improve your floor cleaning & care tasks. The expertise and technology built-up in more than 40 years experience have allowed Comac to develop the most innovative machines such as the compact, revolutionary Vispa 35, favouring the mechanisation of cleaning operations by replacing traditional manual systems such as the use of mops. A highly efficient series of walk behind as well as ride-on machines are suitable for both maintenance and in-depth cleaning.

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Comac Fleet Care is the new service that enables all those who manage a fleet of machines deployed on different sites to monitor everything that happens to the machines, as if they were there in person.

CFC collects the data transmitted from the machines and converts this into information that is used to improve coordination, optimize performance and increase fleet efficiency, while maintaining benefits over time. This service provides a complete and up-to-date overview of the status of each machine, which can be viewed online, any time, on any device – tablet, smartphone or computer. Fleet managers can check that their machines are being used properly in the places and times specified, and where an issue occurs, they are immediately notified so that the situation can be promptly rectified.

The CFC system helps to optimize machine use, increasing productivity by avoiding wasted time and preventing unforeseen events from occurring whenever possible.

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Comac Products

Floor Scrubber
Battery Powered Orbital Machine
ANTEA 500MM Floor Scrubber
Battery Powered Walk-Behind scrubber
Floor Scrubber
Battery powered walk-behind scrubber
Combination Sweeper
1200mm Scrubber and sweeper
floor cleaning machine
Industrial ride on machine
ride on Scrubber sweeper
1291mm Scrubber sweeper
Battery Powered ride-on machine
ride on Scrubber
Battery Powered Ride-on Machine
walk-behind scrubber
Battery powered walk-behind scrubber
Industrial Ride on machine
Industrial Ride on machine
335mm Battery powered machine
Battery Powered walk behind machine